Traveling like a loner! #solotravelling

Travelling alone is the most wonderful experience one can feel as you get time to know, learn and explore about yourself. The best you can enjoy places is where you interact with the place alone as one person. You can go where ever you want, do whatever you want, experiment whatever you like with no one giving opinions or making you alter your plans according to themselves. Chilly hill stations, refreshing beaches, historical captivating monuments, dry silent deserts, pilgrimage sites, and rich wildlife and nature makes India a perfect place for exploration. Travelers always travel to places with loved ones, in couples or groups but solo travelling is something that must be experienced at least once in life as it has its own thrill.
One of such places for solo travelling is Udaipur. The beauty enclosed in the place might make you considering traveling alone. There are many beautiful sights in Udaipur that offer picturesque views of India’s royal past like Hawelis, forts, palaces, & temples. You can do a lot of things in Udaipur like capture the beautiful surroundings, camel rides, try out different cuisines and explore the city.

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One other such place for solo travel is Shimla. The place is the perfect getaway if you want to spend some time alone in the lap of the Himalayas. The place attracts tourist from all over the country due to its amazing location, hotel stays and market place that can make your journey delightful and help you celebrate every moment of your journey. The place has lots of snow sports, and other adventure activities, trolley rides and what not to make your trip thrilling and adventurous.

If you are looking forward to seek some inner peace and self-exploration, travel to the temple of Khajuraho. The place is rich in culture and history with beautiful sculptures, architecture splendor and creative display of rich heritage. The serenity of the temples makes it a perfect place to visit alone where you can interact with your inner self – explore and introspect oneself and attain peace which is not possible in day to day life.

Have you ever thought of travelling to goa alone? Sounds crazy but imagine how much fun you could do dancing on trance music, attending parties alone, trying out different cuisines, taking a plunge in the beach, sun bathe and feeling hours of solo refreshments. How exciting will it be to try out adventurous beach activities like surfing, snorkeling, jet skiing, scuba diving, water skiing and wind surfing? One can even try out luxurious spa and Ayurveda treatments for meditation and healing.

Solo travelling not only takes you out from your comfort zone, but also makes you – bolder, stronger and confident. Travelling alone has its own kind of exploration and learning involved in the voyage. The zeal to discover oneself with spiritual rejuvenation and flow of adventurous and risk taking adrenaline gives a perfect kick to pack up and get all set for a loner voyage. One can feel relaxed and at peace while traveling alone without being enslaved by the whims and fancies of the fellow trip mates. Let yourself fulfill your wander lust!

There are many places where one can travel alone. Anywhere and almost everywhere, be it beaches, deserts, temples or mountains, whether one goes wild in adventure sports and activities or sit under a tree and meditate. But safety is must! There are some do’s and dont’s before you start your solo trip to explore oneself.

  1. Have contact details of all the places you will be stopping at, or staying before you start the trip.
  2. Keep someone updated throughout your trip, before your network gets off and you get out of reach. Always keep someone informed.
  3. Always carry a pair of extra clothing, trek suit, socks, required medicines and other necessities which you might need on your solo travel.
  4. Always pack light if you wish to enjoy the trip as you are the only one who needs to carry it. Backpacking to colder places is better since you can re-wear the same clothes a few times, without sweating in them and feeling mucky.
  5. Always have some money strapped on your person for if your luggage were to get lost, you can at least get by to a safe location with some money.

Indeed, try out different places, new adventure sports and activities and explore yourself Alone! Let you make some cold memories of lifetime adventure to recite to people for years to come!

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