10 Treks across the World That You Should Not Miss!

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10 best treks

Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna circuit is a 128 mile route with thick pines like that of Oregon. With a soothing view of the Himalayan peaks in between and a route shaped as a horseshoe, after being opened in 1980’s it has been known as Holy Grail for trekking. There are many great and lush trekking paths but no one seems to forget the crowning Annapurna Circuit. Some parts of it are pretty much breath taking. A sweat dripping walk through a canyon is so narrow that the only time when sunshine penetrates through it is at the noon.

Inca trail leading to Machu Pichu

The most famous trek trail of South America is Inca Trail to Machu Pichu. It is only 26 miles and yet manages to combine stunning mix of nature with mountains, a jungle and not to miss – the Inca paving stones. Inca trail is a self guide to the people who are trekking on the trail. With a little planning and advice Inca trail can be the most memorable trek of your life.

Cape Scott Provincial Park

Cape Scott Provincial Park is a trek that one must take if they are hiking lovers. It is a Classic Trek which consists of three main trails.

  • The San Josef Bay Trail
  • The Cape Scott Trail
  • The North Coast Trail

The park remains open for the entire year but if you want your trek trail to be dry April to October is the best time to do so.

Fiordland Park – New Zealand

Fiordland National park in New Zealand is a cherished part of the country and the word where nature puts up a competitive show between valleys and mountains. The serenity is beyond explanation and has an immense effect on personal emotions. The opportunity for hiking and walking is boundless in the park. In the park ‘Routeburn’ is a great trecking track and so is ‘Milford’ and ‘Kepler’. Due to rapid change in the weather it comes under the most unpredictable treks in the world.

Michell Canyon Trail

Mount Diablo State Park covers up 20,000 acres with altitude from 300′ to 3,849′ on the eponymous peak. The Mitchell Canyon performance area is the northern gateway to MDSP. With a great many number of tracks and fire roads that can be connected for routes of varying extent and complexity. It provides a challenge for everyone at all levels.

Overland Trek

The ancient looking wilds in Tasmania are most easy to get to on the 80km, Overland Track. Twisting its way between Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair. The distinct broad walk passes rough mountains, stunning lakes and tarns, widespread forests and moorlands all in the Tasmanian wilds World Heritage Area. Those who want more can take numerous walks leading to waterfalls, valleys and still more summits that includes the tallest mountain in Tasmania Mt Ossa (1,617m, 5,305ft).

The Snowman Trek

Snowman Trek is known as the most difficult trek around the world. It is taken by the most experienced and highly trained trekkers. There are 11 passes for over 14,000 feet from the border. There are many Buddhist monasteries along the way, all built on the cliffs of the sidewalks. The sidewalks of the cliffs are through the villages with windblown smiles. Bhutan is definitely a special place with picturesque landscapes and traditional legacy that only a few countries have.

Everest Base Camp

Nepal is the home to the highest peak in the world and hence is the playground for trekkers. There are many trekking routes to voyage around the Himalayas, the most popular is Everest Base Camp. This trek is classic and is suitable for recreational and beginners, although risk is still involved due to the snow conditions. It is also known as “the steps to heaven,” every bend in the hike provides an opportunity to take many pictures. Gorgeous forests, glacial moraines, Sherpa villages, and glaciers. It is one of the best treks in the world, and for many good reasons. It will make you stand literally on top of the world. After you try yourself with Everest, the planet would seem different all over again.


K2 is a corridor of ice that leads to the massive peak of K2 (8,611m, 28,251ft), it is world’s second-highest peak. K2 is known as the ‘Savage Mountain’ due to its extremely difficult climb. Its fatality rate is second amongst the world’s highest peaks. It is not advisable to climb on K2 if one doesn’t have enough experience. The trek begins by passing through the icy rivers then courageously continues to the fortitude of the glacier before leading to the granite pyramid-shaped mountains which include Uli Biaho (6,417m, 21,053ft), Paiju (6,610m, 21,686ft), Great Trango Tower (6,286m, 20,623ft) and finally K2.


The Kilimanjaro trek is the highlight for many travelers in East Africa. At 5,895m (19,340 ft), Africa’s highest mountain can be a beast to conquer. Climbing Kilimanjaro will bring you across every kind of ecosystem— snowfields, glacier, savanna, alpine moorland, deserts, and jungles. So make sure you’re prepared for the variety of climate and terrain. There are quite a few routes and among them Machame and Marangu ways being the most accepted. Kilimanjaro is not a picnic, but even first-time climbers can surmount it only if you’re practically fit.

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