Gandikota - The Destination For Adventures

Mesmerizing views and also known as the ‘Rock Garden of South’- a place located 15 km from the Jammalamadugu in the district of Kadapa, where adventure begins and never ends as well, here’s the multi-freakouts location presented by the nature itself – Gandikota

gandikota fort


Gandikota acquires its apt name from its bewitching gorges formed within the Erramalai Hills also known as Gandikota hills. The impermeable red boulders stand proudly over the deep valley resembling the gorgeous Grand Canyon in USA. Gandikota gorges run all along the Pennar River, which runs 90m below the gorge on the western and the north side. Gandikota gorges have also provided the natural defense system during the Qutub Shahi, Vijaynagar and Kakatiya realms.

Now comes the most exciting part, ‘trekking on the Limestone walls of the gorges’ and ‘Kayaking in the gorge’. Climbing on these walls is much easier than the boulders around the city of pearls- Hyderabad!

It is definitely one of the most favored places for the climbing lovers. But the adventure just doesn’t end here; Gandikota Hills is also the abode for our country’s second longest caves. Situated just a 110 km away from the Kurnool Town is one of the most wonderful places on the Indian soil for camping is right here in the Bellum Caves.

While the adventure seekers get to spend some time at the Gandikota, they also get to see the miniature canyon- Oravakallu. A handmade natural painting of the face of the earth is the winding river surrounded by the eye capturing landscape. One cannot leave the place without having a boat ride over the sparkling river body.

kayaking in Gandikota

The red boulders formed over the area are the home for all sorts of fun awaiting activities. One can seek adventure in Climbing, camping, Kayaking, boating or just navigating around the beautiful natural sculptures. Gandikota Hills have definite amount of excitement for everyone. The assortment of adventure just doesn’t finish here; you can go around the forest area as well. You just don’t get the excitement of the freakouts but one will enjoy the most picturesque small village of the Kadapa district.

Historical explorers can never leave the Gandikota Fort that was protected with these wonderful gorges. Explorers find the fort quite interesting as the age old debris reminds of the historical value of the natural structure. There are two temples situated inside the fort as well as ‘Jamia Masjid’ located right around the corner of the two temples. The fort has much more interesting places which include gardens, fountains, inscripted boulders, pipelines and many more.

Few of the proud mentions around the Gandikota are the view points, Granary and even the Rayala cheruvu. Keeping these in your itinerary and plan out the most unforgettable adventure trip today!

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