Want To Barter Our Adventure With Your Skills?

Are you a blogger? Do you have a travel or adventure blog? Are you a photographer? Do you unload your photographs on any website, blog or your social networking profiles?

adventure skills

Then we have good news for you – if you want to explore Mother Earth in a unique way and taste thrill on the tip of your tongue, it is time for you to visit our campsites. No – we don’t expect you to invest money to taste the adventure on our campsites and resorts; if you prove that you have a blog and are a writer or photographer, we provide you with different adventure activities on our campsites. Yes – you read it right – with the help of your skills, you can enjoy our adventures without spending any extra money on them!

All you need to do is:

  • Go through our website and learn about the different adventures we have; find out about our different resorts, services and all the things that we have to offer to you.
  • Learn about that resort or campsite that you want to visit. Go through all the things that the place would let you enjoy. Don’t forget to check the tourist attractions.
  • Contact us and tell us about your profession or blogs.
  • Show your interest in the campsite you wish to visit. Once you tell us about the location, we give you further information related to it.
  • Once you visit our campsite, notice different things and take different pictures. Enjoy all the adventurous activities that you wish to and jot down all the points that you enjoyed the most.
  • As soon as you reach home, take out a few minutes and write about all the experiences you had on our campsite. Publish the photographs of our campsite in exchange of enjoying the complimentary treatment from our ends!

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