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Bangalore is a booming metropolitan IT hub and people living in this grand city are just hustling around. But once in a while companies do need to give their employees a break and head them on towards life’s most important part. That’s why we have a list of some really exciting place which will help you get back in your game as fast as you can. How does a little adventure help? A very simple a little adventure will break the monotonous life cycle and will help you boost your confidence during the time when you have to face your stress levels among the team.

We have a variety of corporate outings; adventurous and definitely entertaining. Once in a while you will always need a little push in life. And to get that, we have a lot of places for you in and around Bangalore. These places will guarantee you a life changing experience and definitely bring you closer to nature. The package to the trip is accommodated with the resorts and hotels nearby these places. So here is the list of 15 Places which you should always consider to take a break from your regular official routine.

A camp next to the windy hillock

A day off from work, meetings or deadline! Perhaps you would like to be in a place where you have your day off in the middle of wilderness which is surrounded by a magical river and the view of hills. The campsite is away from the city noise and is occupied with the serenity and an environment of salvation.

Jaladhama Resort

It is one place where you can enjoy the calming backwaters and engulf yourself in a great level of challenges. You can have your day off at Talakadu Jaladhama and challenge yourself and your co-workers with indoor and the outdoor games. The place allows you to keep your spirits up while you take part in all team building activities.

Civet Creek Camp:

The camp area is located amidst the beautiful turning road, huge cardamom and coffee plantations, hills, paddy fields, streams and serene surroundings. You and your entire crew can have all the fun in the wilderness, trek on waterfalls, nighttime campfire, barbecues and much more.

River and Ropes:

The location of the campsite is in the wilderness and it has the Rocky Mountains surrounding it. All the activities are focused on team bonding and are definitely a lot of fun. At rivers and ropes you can expect yourself to be in a waterfall trek, rock climbing, rappelling, campfire, camping and many more adventures any time of the day.

Backwater Island Resort

Sealed within the backwaters of the river Cauvery with the clean waters and a natural environment on the banks of Cauvery and Kapila River, is the resort’s location. You can enjoy the time spent by keeping yourself calm in the sun bathed river waters, enjoy the spa or you could indulge yourself into water polo. A 10 seater canoeing can be an upbeat experience. And also an extra treat are the water scooter and speed boats.

Campsite at Manchinbele:

Have a thrilling experience via wilderness, having bonfires, tents spending the night after experiencing the beautiful campfire. And the package also includes Kayaking, zip-line, rappelling, canoeing, fishing and canoeing. And so much more awaits you.

Eco camp:

Get an adrenaline rush in an eco friendly campsite just a few kilometres away from Bangalore. Amidst the beautiful green Kaveri River drifting through the campsite, you also get a jungle stay.
Kayaking, Coracle ride, forest treks, rope activities, a nature walk and definitely a campfire are some activities that can be witnessed.

Ramanashree California Resort:

Located in Yelahanka, Bangalore is the beautiful resort that is a leisure home for visits to escape a honking city life for a while. The stay at the resort gets even more excited with indoor and outdoor activities, Swimming, lawn tennis, basketball, softball and many more activities.

Jain farms:

When you and your colleagues are looking for a nature riendly getaway that is 44 Kms away from the main city, you look at the amazing Jain Farms for your day out. The serene and tranquil environment is taken up with the beautiful surroundings and is mixed with the amazing outdoor activities. Games around the villages, pottery, fire show, obstacle course and many more are the key attractions at Jain Farms.

Discovery Village Resort :

In this resort one gets an unforgettable experience from the activities like Survival Camping. The activities not just keep you occupied and create a bonding experience. The resort comes with warm hospitable environments with a spacious amphitheatre. You can also refresh your senses by taking a dip in the beautiful pool.

Koramangala- Breakout Real Life Escape Games:

Here you can prep up your senses with some real life escape games and you can also participate in the games with 2-5 members. Your quickness will get you and your team to the winning stand.

Gokarting and Paintball Activity in Bangalore:

Engage yourself with your partners in some really crazy stuff in Bangalore. You can engage in the Go karting adventures and have some fun with Paintball as well. You just need to be at the place located at 4km away from Total Mall, in Sarjapur.

Makalidurga Night Trek:

The trek point is located 60 kms away from the main city and is an ideal adventure spot for city folk. The serene and scenic beauty of the trek area is brilliant in the day time and it is equally amazing at the night as well. The trek starts at 9:30 in the night and the height towers up to 4,430 ft. Once you get to the top you can visit the Makalidurga Fort during the night. Be spellbound by the vastness of the the night sky.

Castle Building:

If you are a nature lover then Guhantara is the underground cave heaven. It is 34 kms away from the city and is an adventurous place where you can recharge and rejuvenate. It is a great place located, several feet below the ground. And that’s why you get to do Tunnel Trekking, Bicycle rides and many more activities.

Eagleton Resort:

It is an excellent mixture of recreation and relaxation. An excellent place for team outings and corporate bonding. You can relax and create a splash while playing pool side volleyball or go horse riding, rock climbing, rappelling and even chimney climbing.

Just give a call and book for team outings in Bangalore by choosing available packages from Freakouts Adventure. We have campsites in Bangalore and Hyderabad which are perfect place to go for trekking, kayaking, climbing, rope way etc. We only organise events related to team building games and activities for corporate outings as well as for individuals.

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