30 World’s Best Experiences One Must Take before Dying!

Every day, we wake up and fall in to direct routines and chores. We don’t even realize that the monotony in our lives is making us leave out a lot of interesting adventures in our lives. So, here are some of the best experiences that you must have in your life before you reach your death bed.

world best experiences

Witnessing the Taj Mahal in Moonlight:

Taj Mahal itself is a wonderful place to visit and is under the list of ‘Seven Wonders of the world’. It is very exciting to see the magnificent white marble structure. But what makes it more special is the way it looks under a full moon’s light. That’s what makes the Taj Mahal the most breath-taking monument in India.

Unimaginable fun night in Liverpool:

If you are in England and you want to visit a happening place, then Liverpool is the place you should be. You get to drink throughout the night at countless bar counters. One night in Liverpool will make you reconsider your plans of leaving.

Get awestruck by the magnificent Grand Canyon:
The silence in the Grand Canyon will keep you at a loss for words. You will be pulled out of your comfort zone once you decide to ponder in this deep and vast canyon.

Grab the chance to visit Whitsundays:
Whitsundays Islands will give you goose bumps. If you do happen to visit the island surrounded by the Turquoise waters and beautiful ivory sand beach. You’d have experienced heaven on Earth!

Take a walk through the Siq to Petra.
Petra is quite an inspiring place worth looking at. Nabataean city, which is carved into the rocks, has kept travellers in a state of trans forever. At the end of the Siq, there is natural gorge that still acts as the entrance.

Japan’s cherry blossoms.
Japans winter is only beaten by the season of spring there. It is bound to be a treat to your eyes. The country starts to turn into a light pink hue, with soft petals of ‘sakura-zensen’ or cherry blossom, gathering up the branches. The spring season in Japan changes everyone’s travel plans.

Cheers to the Scots!
If you are likely to grab a drink and like the taste of whiskey then might as well make it Scottish. Toast for health, wealth and happiness on the Scottish Highlands with their premium malt. Matured in a barrel, the peat reacts to the burning temperature and cool temperature outside gives you perfectly blended whiskey drops.

Exploring the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador:
The islands are an abode for all the theories provided by Darwin. The islands also reveals the odd combination of the albatrosses and tortoise canoodling together.

A night in a Canadian Igloo:
The Canadian vegetation is quite interesting to visit. The northern Quebec has igloos in a series. A hotel has these domes sculpted for anyone to stay in. Bask under the night sky in these tiny, cosy igloos meant for the adventurous.

Lookout for the Puffins in Faroes
The Faroe Islands are at a distance of 300 km from the Scotland. The islands are windy, shifty weather, chalky cliffs, fill it with a great many geological beauty spots. But more than that there’s something else, Puffins! The feathered spectacles come in pairs and ruffle their feather towards the sea. They pair themselves up in matrimony and nestle until they raise their off springs into full grown.

Pompeii the best preserved Italian city.
Vesuvius exploded its guts to bury the Pompeii city in 79 A.D. In the whole world there is no such city that has been preserved so well. Some of the places and villas are still intact. One must visit this city just to see how lively it was and still is due to the Lava preservation.

Rwanda- the mountain for Gorillas
Rwanda’s Volcanoes National park is the most exciting place of Africa to visit. You get to look eye to eye with a Gorilla. It is warned that a practical experience is required. But these gentle giants are passive and spend most of their time sitting and chewing on bamboo.

Oyster trail in Ireland for Seafood lovers.
In Ireland Oyster Festival is a splendid view for a sea food lover. In the festival you get to gut-down a pint and a few oysters. And for three days this goes on and on until you have gulped down at least thirty pints and hundreds of Oysters.

Borneo, Malaysia – visiting smallest bears.
Rivalling up with Panda on the level of cuteness is the smallest bear in the world. They are definitely cute and yet seriously on the verge of extinction. The name comes to the bear because of the V- shaped mark that resembles Sun.

Oktoberfest in Germany
It is the world’s largest public festival, Munich Oktoberfest. It runs on for two complete weeks. It is a celebration of booze and lifestyle of Bavaria. The fest attracts millions of people from across the world.

Fairy Chimneys- Turkey
Cappadocia has a backdrop like no other place. It is one of the most favorite places for photographers. In a splash one will get brilliant pictures of their choices.

Visiting Three Egyptian Jewels
Pyramids of Giza are the world’s biggest spectacle to watch. They are the jewels of Egypt and people from around the world come there just to see the spectacle. The prime time to see the spectacle is the morning or during the sunset but nothing bests it during the night.

Kenya’s Hot Air Balloon Ride
Savannah of Kenya is famous for its beautiful tundra which can be seen from a thousand meters height. A view of grazing gazelles and running zebras can be enjoyed by just going over the plain in an hot air balloon. It is a sight that you wouldn’t forget that easily.

South African Table Mountain
If you are in Cape Town for any purpose and you have a clear day outdoors, don’t think twice just go to Table Mountain. It is a natural marvel and has a great ecosystem to explore. The aerial cable-way makes it even more exciting as you can see clouds just tearing away. The major icon in the continent is this mountain. Bask under it’s magnificence.

Texas Barbecue Eateries
A true American knows his meat. And if you are in Texas, you are in luck. Taste the best barbecue in the world! Texas Barbecue has the best meat served with the best sauce. Excess of grease, excess of meat, excess of shade, excess of sauce…an excess of everything makes a great American barbecue.

Myanmar’s Pad Golden Rock
Thousands of pilgrims walk barefoot to Kyaiktiyo. The rock is basically a boulder of granite balanced on a plinth of rock. The belief is that the rock is balancing on few strands of Buddha. The serenity will definitely sweep you off your feet.

Pennine way Hike
It is Britain’s longest footpath which is 270 miles long. With no crowd zones, a clear sight can easily be witnessed. You can feel the past while you walk in Pennine way Hike.

Roman Gelato
If you haven’t tasted the gelato, you need to relish it right away. Roman gelato is quite a famous treat for people. It is the best kind of ice-cream one can ever have. There are many flavors to choose from even a Wasabi flavor as well.

Finnish Sauna
Your body aches day and night, but if you happened to go to Finland, do not forget to have a Finnish Sauna. It will fulfil your body’s needs of R&R and leave you feeling refreshed.

La Tomatina in Spain
If you’d like to indulge yourself into immense fun, visit Spain and prepare for the most amount of fun at La Tomatina. A tomato throwing festival. Thousands of kilos of Tomatoes are squished and thrown amongst huge crowds of people.

Thailand’s festival of lights
Thailand’s light festival is the most serene festival across the world. Cute little lanterns are given off in the streets so that one may set them alight in the night. The spectacle is one to witness and behold.

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil
Gaining popularity after the Olympics games the place is definitely humid without doubt. In such a case you must grab a glass of caipirinha! A refreshing cool fermented drink, which makes you feel pleasant all day long. A must visit during its carnival!

Highest mountain of Africa- Kilimanjaro; is a hub for every climber across the world. Also known as the roof of Africa. The sight of a sunrise from atop the roof is absolutely to die for. And that memory is something t

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