Innovative Team Building Games for A Organization

Team building is an essential task for every corporate organization. People hold interactive sessions, seminars and weekend long training programs for team building. One another innovative way of team building is outbound trips or fun team games. This drill doesn’t only gives a change of environment to the team members but the picnic atmosphere makes them interact well with each other. Playing fun games or adventure activities, together helps to strengthen the team’s confidence and correlation with each other.

team building games

These team building games can be played outdoor or indoors in a group of 15 to 20 members. These team building games involves participation and active use of senses, promptness and coordination which is must for team building. Here is some of the innovative team building games for your organization:

The tallest paper building

This team building activity is like a 5 minute drill. This involves planning thinking and reacting on time. Each team member is provided with a sheet of paper and is asked to create the tallest free standing building structure in just five minutes. The window of 5 minutes, makes the participants think alert and in innovative fashion. After 5 minutes, when the work of each member is evaluated, it is seen how many unique ides were thought and explored. It opens up the mental blocks and gives space to innovation which helps in dealing with stuck projects and targets.

Let’s go trip planning

The entire team group is split into 2 or more sub-groups with equal number of players in each group. Each team is given a paper, pen and a map of a specific area. According to the area and location, each team has to plan together a hypothetical trip keeping in mind the budget, stay and outings to be included. The time limit is 30 minutes. The team which plans the most relaxing and innovative trip in the realistic fashion keeping in mind the set budget wins! This team building activity helps to make the entire team member to work together, think on a particular project in unison and react upon it and come up with the best possible solutions. The 30 minutes activity is a great learning for lifetime.

Scavenger hunt

The entire team group is split into 2 or more sub-groups with equal number of players in each group. Make a list of fun task for each group to do and set a timer. Give the list to each team and let them work it out themselves. The tasks can be anything like pick something, find a specific color, take a selfie with a stranger.. Anything! The team which completes the task fastest is the winner. You can add difficult tasks as well, but it’s always fun to include easy and crazy tasks. This team building activity makes the team members to coordinate, split and divide work, builds team bonding and encourages people to work together.

Ahh! It hurts the human knot.

The game takes around 15 minutes! Isn’t it interesting to think that an activity of just 15 minutes can make your team coordinate an understanding? The game includes 15 to 20 team members. The game relies on team work and good communication and coordination between the team mates. All you have to do is make everyone stand in the circle, facing each other and put their hand out and grab the other person’s hand to make a giant human knot. Set a time for the team like about 15 minutes and ask them to untangle themselves without releasing their hands to form again a perfect circle. The game requires patience and intelligence and maybe a team leader too!

Watch out the trap, friend!

The game requires a huge space. Collect a lot of tiny objects and place them in the open space. These are pre preparations tot the game. Make pairs in the team with one person from each pair to be blindfolded. Now, make the non-blindfolded person to take through the blindfolded person from one corner of the open space to another without stepping on any object with help of only verbal instructions. The blindfolded guy can’t speak. The game focuses on team building, trust development, communication and effective listening. How about paring up the 2 people who don’t get along well at all? Indeed, the mine field will make them real friends.

Do you want to be the Wind willow?

This is a trust building game for the team. Make one of the team members as the willow that stands in the middle of the group with eyes closed and upright. The person will then freely lean towards someone and the person needs to grab the willow and push him to another without letting them fall. The willow will fall where the trust lacks and you will know who the weakening is in your team. The willow can be rope tied so that he can’t move at all. This is a trust building exercise and knowing who got your back in time of need!

Let the egg drop, or wait don’t!

The entire team group is split into 2 or more sub-groups with equal number of players in each group. Give each team an uncooked egg and put it with office supplies in a pile in a carton. Now give the task to each team to create a contraption for the protection of te egg to avoid its breaking when dropped. The office supplies can be rubber bands, foam, tapes, straws, anything and everything. Set the timer. Once the timer goes buzzing, test the free falling eggs to check out which team worked the best! The game is engaging and helps in problem solving together.

Team building is the task. Doesn’t force out rules on our team mates when you can actually go about it in an easy and interesting way? Just play it! Rather than pressuring your team. Team building by fun games and adventure activities is interesting and involves participation and attention of each team member making the drill worth it!

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