15 Islands to Be On Your Holiday Itinerary for summer

This summer let your sweats flow in some of the most amazing islands across the word. Islands are the natural abode of Paradise. Places where your eyes meet the nature relaxing spa are the islands. Blue waters under the blue sky, your ruffling feet in the sand- who wouldn’t like to go to such getaways. If you are looking for some literal fun and mesmerizing panorama of nature; then you need to look at these 15 Islands around the world to get your natural skin tanned!

islands to visit in summer

Bora Bora- French Polynesia
Bora Bora is the Polynesian Island, which has a shape of a enormous Sombrero. It is a must visit place in the South Pacific region with a lush volcanic surrounding. It is a definite visiting place where people look out for adventurous diving and snorkeling, where one can look into the underworld magic! A spectacular lagoon with equally magnificent wildlife should be on your bucket list today! And never miss the reefs and hiking trails through the palm plantations.

Bora Bora- French Polynesia

Bali- Indonesia
Bali is an exotic place, in an exotic country where paddy glows, taste buds take a run and Hinduism thrives. If you are planning to go to this paradise island then you must try yourself with Surfing, and sunbathing, shopping and swimming. And don’t forget to visit some enchanting places across the country.

Bali- Indonesia

World’s most spectacular islands are said to be in the abode of Maldives. But what make it a really special place is the aquamarine crystal clear waters of the sea. Maldives is the lowest part of the blue marble. It is just three meters above the sea and strangely it is shrinking by each year. On the islands you can enjoy the beautiful waters by taking a dive in it and definitely some snorkeling. Maldives is definitely a favorite place for the surfers as well. So, before it vanishes from the face of this planet, you should definitely make a trip to the beautiful islands of Maldives.Maldives

In the east of Kenya is the picture perfect Seychelles. The 115 island of granite and coral with flourishing jungles and a beach surrounded by Palm trees and are listed in the UNESCO. It has earth’s greatest fishing resources as it an excellent place for marine life which also attracts divers and snorkelers. Once you step on to this island, it’s a promise that you will never want to leave.Seychelles

Palawan- Philippines
Looking for more definitions for paradise? Let’s go to Palawan in Philippines. The island stretches across the sea located southwest towards Borneo, and lies amongst the limestone peaks. Apart from these natural monuments of limestone, the island consists of many other attractions, flourishing coral reef, unique wildlife and fishing villages with lakes shining like emeralds. A trip to this attraction of the planet is definitely a heritage visit which opens its arms with the impressive caves with an underground river crossing flowing in them.Palawan- Philippines

Santorini- Greece
Greece is definitely a country of beauty and magnificence but what strikes the eye of a visitor is the Santorini Island. Its dramatic beauty includes the serene white villas and churches with blue domes as a eye masking serenity. Oia and Fira are two places which you must visit when you are in Santorini. Oia is called out to be the most pictured place in the world. Santorini has never failed to give a first and lasting impression to any of its visitors. Come aboard and engulf yourself into this island and in its highlights.Santorini- Greece

When we say that Fiji is definitely a place to visit in this summer, we just mention about the 300 islands that it consists but it all about the Fijians. They welcome every visitor with warmth and smile. Exploring your peace under the palm shade and a dip in the velvety sea water is as rewarding as the fishing, snorkeling and diving are in Fiji. It is not just a place to go not just for one person but it is a great place to go with a family as well.Fiji

The Cook Islands
A perfect place, if you want to stray off in South Pacific from the world- The Cook Islands. Rarotonga makes the major tourist attracting place in Crooks islands. The villages along the hill sides are adorned with garlands of hibiscus. You can award yourself with an over-the-water bungalow or choose to be in a small beach house and loose all the earthly connections to live in the middle of a ‘Heaven’.The Cook Islands

The Dalmatian Islands
Off of the coast of Croatia, are The Dalmatian Islands! The island includes beautiful churches of gothic architecture, an old town with no cars and a definite attraction to the tourists is crystal clear waters surrounding the islands with coves secluded across.The Dalmatian Islands

The beautiful Capri is a place which is all the apt reflection of its hype. The teal colored sea framed around the island and cliffs soaring to the sky are the most attracted parts of Capri. Another part of the island is the blue grotto. It is a glowing cave and the localities take the tourists through in a small boat and sing in opera style to show the beauty of acoustics. The one which makes the best part of the Capri is the chirping shopping streets and the other one is to be at the highest town in Capri which is, Monte Solaro. So get to Capri Islands and live in the summer in the liveliest land near Amalfi CoastCapri

Kaua’I; is known as ‘The Garden Isle’ for quiet an apt reason. Rainforests cloaked in the interior of the island, cliffs throwing the pictures of tumbling waterfalls. The island was molded by the lava by forming the beautiful coastline with ridges and straight soaring cliffs. Under the beautiful cobalt blue seas is a whole new world and that world is definitely a delight for the snorkelers and divers. People from around the globe come and visit this coastline just to admire the beauty of the island made by the hands of volcanic eruptions. So, just put that on your list of visiting places this summer and yes, it is worth it!Kaua’i

Another addition to the bucket list can be the St. Barts. It is a cove for movie stars around the world. The island provides French ambience to its visitors. It is the most expensive island of Caribbean but if no concern on the money is there then this the best place you can live off your summer.Barts

Whitsunday Islands- Australia
The island is dusted along the Great Barrier Reef and is Australia’s its own fantasizing tropical world. A very delicate ecosystem which is secured with six national parks is located around the hiking trails. This fantasy of Australia can be your destination for this summer and will be number one place to experiment with your adventure levels as well.Whitsunday Islands- Australia

Ko Phi Phi- Thiland
A very renowned name across the world when it got hit by the Tsunami in 2014 but before and after that it is the best place to visit for a summer beach time in Southeast Asia. This the famous island in Leonardo Di Caprio’s movie ‘The Beach’. If you get to visit Ko Phi Phi Island, you also get to see the other islands surrounding it as well.Ko Phi Phi- Thiland

Disconnecting its appearance from other Caribbean islands, St. Lucia portrays a dark and brooding beauty. The tourist do get attracted to its golden beach sand with enticing garland of palms around the coastline, but what entices people the most is it topographic enchantment. Coral reefs, fishing, waterfalls, breathtaking background and the star of the list is the hot springs with some healing character in it. This should definitely be on your holiday list!

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