20 Destination for Pre- Wedding Locations

Weddings in India are one of the grandest events which occur in one’s life. People spend lakhs or even crores on their child’s special day. But today’s trend is that before the couple head on an adventurous life journey, they end up going for a mini adventure of their own, on their own. In India there are thousands of beautiful places to have a pre- wedding shoot, but here are your enlisted 20 best places to get a pre- wedding shoot:

pre wedding destinations

Goa One of most prominent places for tourism in India is Goa. The place where nature and romance flow in and out of one another. Get into the flow of the people who are getting into a lifetime adventurous commitment.

The queen of the hills- Mussourie is a place meant for couples to ‘fall in love all over again’. And with jaw-dropping picturesque backgrounds, be it any season around the year; Mussourie is the place for every wedding photographer.

Known as the ‘City of Palaces’, it is given an apt title of being one of the most royal city of India. So, who wouldn’t want a backdrop of a beautiful palace surrounding their love’s ambience? When history resides as evidence of your everlasting love. What’s the point of paperwork?Udaipur

City of Nizams, City of Pearls, Lair of the Biryani and definitely the place where the relic of history, Charminar stands proudly in the capital city of Telangana – Hyderabad. This magnificent city can be an awestruck background for your wedding pictures as well. You can stand in the city midst to make a memorable mark while you have the place where love stories have been sung for centuries.

The pink city of Rajasthan- Jaipur is the most important place for any tourist. No wonder it is known as a tourist state. Due to its scenic beauty, it is definitely a spot where one can feel a touch of tradition and royalty.

The southern beauty spot with beaches and amazing sunsets as well as sunrises is Pondicherry. If you lay your feet in this place your sure to not leave as it is nothing short of spectacular. Don’t miss the paradise of south.

Kerala’s hearty city where you see every modern aspect wrapping every traditional part in its wings. A place where the age old, fishing technique still exists. And do not miss the backwaters of Kochi which can give you a breathtaking romantic sight.

Kerala’s other jewel, is Munnar. Lush tea estates are a view to capture. Imagine that being on your pre- wedding backdrop? Would’t that be wonderful?

The heritage of Indian culture is quite vast and a place where this cultural vastness is still felt and cherished is Kolkata. If you want an indigenous touch to your wedding pictures, Kolkata is the best to have in your memories.

Capital of Himachal Pradesh – Shimla is one of the most visited hill station in India. It is one of the most beautiful places to see and is the most interesting place as well. In any season you can get quite picturesque backdrops for your pictures. And definitely your wedding pictures.





Tawang- Arunacha Pradesh

McLeod Ganj

Nubra Valey- Leh

Coorg- Karnataka

Ranthambore- Rajasthan

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