Why Is Laknavaram Lake The Best Adventure Site?

Laknavaram Lake is approximately 75 km from Warangal. The green hills of Govindaraopet are a place which is surrounded by the Laknavaram Lake and forms a massive bowl like structure which admits a wide, exquisite and pristine view. The lake was the breakthrough of ancient Kakatiya rulers.

laknavaram lake camp

The lake is dispersed over a surface area of 10,000 acres and holds about 2.135 mt cft of water. It irrigates over 3,500 acres of dry land. It was built by Kakatiya kings. It has about 13 islands

Lake is fenced by a thick deciduous forest and it is a very popular tourist spot.

Laknavaram CheruvuLaknavaram Cheruvu



The natural beauty of the Lake is the main attraction of the place and draws tourists from all over the state. The journey to the LAKE is equally enthralling passing through dense forestry and scenic hills and valleys. Laknavaram Lake has a 160 meters long SUSPENSION bridge, which links up three islands.

The saving beauty of Laknavaram Lake is the hanging bridge, which is actually quite a attraction, specially for the kids


One of the quite good experience is the Fresh water Swimming, Floating Restaurants, boating and speed boats

Beauty of the sunrise and sunset where people can relax and it is of the stress buster visiting visitors can take carry their tents and camp fire and relax till night, one of the best of the lake has few good cottages and resorts …with good ambience and provide good food.

Water Roller:

You get to roll in the water with water rollers. It is not at all sane rather it is an insane activity and definitely very much fun!

High Rope Course:

Burma Bridge
You get to have a chance to enjoy the walking in the air feeling. You would wish to have wings after this activity. Walking high above the ground what more can you expect!


Laknavaram Lake is know for its serene and pristine water body, lake located in beautiful dense forests. Paddling the kayak in the water is unforgettable experience to the tourist who love’s the nature most.

Island Camping:

Island Camping

Camp in Island to experience the extremes of the vast lake till you find yourself tranquilizing in the arms of nature. The chirping of the birds, the scratching of the monkeys and around the dense stretch of forests with the wavy noise of water, fix your camp and bonfire your night with music and dance finding solace from the city lights.

There is so much more to this adventurous place under its covers, one has to meet the nature and adventure of Laknavaram and experience something really great which you can pack up in your bags for quite a long time.

So, pack your bags and plan out your trip to Laknavaram today and make it count for your entire life!

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