Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad

Don’t feel short of places for an amazing vacation near Hyderabad. Here is a list of well sort destinations for a weekend getaway from Hyderabad which will leave you mesmerized with crazy memories and adventures.

weekend getaways from hyderabad

Belum caves

The long Belum caves stretches for about 3000 m and offers a majestic insights of perennial stream to the travelers. The place has a poise and grace marking down to the old days of meditation by Buddhist monks in these caves. The stalagmites rocks offers a great scope for adventure activities like rock climbing, trekking and historic admiration. The best time to visit Belum Caves is from august to December as the weather is pleasant and welcoming. The Belum caves are located in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh which is around 320 km from Hyderabad city.

Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram

The beautiful place is located in east side of Hyderabad around 430km from the main city. The delightful waterfalls of the Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram area makes it a perfect picnic spot for weekend getaway. The lush greenery of the space is inviting and welcoming to the adventure travelers and vacation seekers! The best time to visit Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram is monsoon to enjoy the natural ecstasy of the place.


The place is located around 400 km from Hyderabad towards the eastern coast of Andhra Pradesh. Visit Rajahmundry for a weekend getaway in the months of December and January to enjoy the charm of this urban tourist destination. The place marks the holy land for pilgrimage which includes temples like Markandeya temple and Kotilingeshwara temple on the beautiful bank of river Godavari.


Hampi is the tourist destination for the young spirited people situated on the ruins of the ancient Vijayanagra kingdom. The place offers perfect architecture for admiration and tice boat experiences for the first timers. Rock climbing, trekking, cycling are some famous adventure drills associated with Hampi. The place is located near Hospet which is nearly about 400 km from Hyderabad. The welcoming aura of the Hampi attracts various foreign tourists to the continental food and cottage stay experiences.


Dandeli is a small town in north Karnataka and is known for its blessed habitat for the rate species of flora and fauna. The major attractions of Dandeli is Anshi National Park and BhagwanMahaveer Sanctuary. Rafting, kayaking, nature exploration and trekking are famous adventure activities of the place. The uniqueness of Dandeli as weekend getaway is the originality and authenticity of the natural space.


Machlipatanam is a sea port near Hyderabad based on the bank of river Krishna. The place is a tourist attraction for pilgrimage and places of religious significance. Fishing at the shore of the river while sitting on the city outskirts has a soporific effect on the mind and soul offering a perfect destination for weekend getaway.


Vizag is the shout out weekend destination for the college kids and the young spirited adventure enthusiasts. The natural harbor offers various attractions to the location like Lawson’s Bay Beach, Kailasagiri Hill, Submarine Museum, zoological park, Argu Valley, Borra caves and other beaches for ultimate fun and adventure. Travelling 600 km away from Hyderabad for a weekend getaway is totally worth it for the amount of fun and recreation Vizag promises.


Situated on the bank of river Malaprabha, Partadakal is most sought out weekend getaway destination for the rich heritage and pilgrimage. The natural beauty along with skillful history makes Pattadakal a place of admiration for weekend vacation seekers, adventure enthusiast, nature explorers and architectural photographers.


The thrill and fun of Goa vacation flows beyond beaches, paragliding, jet skiing, snorkeling experiences to a journey of self-identification and merry making. Bordering Karnataka and Maharashtra at about 660km from Hyderabad lets go Goa! For a perfect weekend vacation.


The best vacation spot to enjoy adventure sports and weather. The beauty of the place lies in the tranquilizing feel of the caves and waterfalls keeping you connected and mesmerized with freshness of nature. Tungi fort, Visapur fort and fortress of Lohagad stands upright as the attractions of pride and beauty at Lonavala. People really enjoy Lonavala weekend getaway from the chaotic citylife.


Badami is located in Bagkot district of Karnataka, nearly about 418 km from Hyderabad. The best time to enjoy the beauty and historic artifacts of Badami is from September to February. The mystic charm of the place lies in the glaze of caves, temples, sculptures and forts.


Andhari Tiger Reserve is known for a getaway vacation for long jungle safari rides In the arms of nature. The calmness and fresh aura of the space keeps you in high spirit. Exploring the nature with the hues of unique birds is cozy and soothing in contrast to the hectic weekdays of city life.

Pench national park

Pench national park is situated in the south of Madhya Pradesh. The best time to visit the natural habitat is from February to April. The place is beautifully nurtured by nature with rare species of flora and fauna. River Pench adds charm and beauty to the entire national park. It is a great place for a short getaway vacation to escape out from the noises of city life.

Horsley hills

Horsley hills are marked 530 km away from Hyderabad on the Karnataka border connecting to Andhra Pradesh. The climate is welcoming with the presence of Twin Rivers Gangotri and Mansarovar.

Hyderabad is a place of beauty for a weekend outing. The weather of the place is mesmerizing offering a perfect “break” from the chaotic city life.

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