Sea kayaking is an unpredictable and amazing experience of seascapes which doesn’t have the same feel as river or lake kayaking as you sit in the kayak and paddle your backside to catch the first wave! The best part is Kayaking has no age! Almost everyone and anyone can sea kayak! It usually takes place in all climates, adding the pinch of adventure as you explore the secret islands, caves and beaches! A sea kayaker can go up to from few hours to weeks. Depending on how adventurous you are, you can choose your own sea kayak like a traditional folding one or the rigid boat. Sit on top kayaks are a common choice for sea kayakers who prefer the sit on top versatility of the open cockpit and do not want to sacrifice performance. Moreover, the recreational Kayaks are shorter with wide beams and large cockpits meant for sheltered waters. Regarding the sizes, mostly all kayaks are between 12 to 24 feet in length. The zealous adventurers have explored and invented kayak sailing, expedition trips combining kayaking with wildlife watching, surf kayaking and even kayak fishing! Sea kayaking is indeed an experience where you can relax and enjoy the picturesque and reconnoiter the nature. If you are a beginner or first timer, it is crucial to follow instructions to learn good techniques to become a pro kayaker!

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Interesting fact about sea kayaking is the play of mind. it is essential to feel comfortable in water. When you are kayaking in a relaxed state of mind, you paddle better and your body responds to it by being loose and flexible, imitating the waves. But, if you are nervous and anxious, the body tightens up and the rigidity doesn’t allow adapting well with the waves. Imagine what all can you explore and sight sees while paddling into the sea! The experience is most beautiful and pristine if you approach sea kayaking with an adventurous spree. Indeed, it is to make the memories which last for lifetime. Sea kayaking is the loveliest way to experience the marine environment in affordable price. No headaches of big bag packs, fitting everything in the kayaks, all enthusiastic paddling to the unending horizon till you explore a secret island! Just get up, pack and drive to a beautiful scenery, launch yourself on the kayak and go! The experience of sea kayaking is fast enough to go against a current, light and easy to slim down through a reed bed, cave, up a narrow river or between the tide race and the cliffs. Sea kayaking is the fast and silent adventure sport which  is an experience which one can cherish for lifetime. Sea kayak is seaworthy! All you have to do is cope up with the waves, wind and surf and keep a good control on your kayak! If you are a beginner, start with learning the basic paddling strokes and terms as it’s crucial. Then slowly, learn the general patterns and guidelines of this adventure sports and try to make judgments and decisions. With practice, in no time you will be able to learn and apply advanced maneuvers too where you can make spontaneous decisions. In India, as the zeal for adventure sport is rising, many travel companies are planning the packages and tours for all levels of kayaking experiences. If you enjoy the water and have a spirit for exploring and adventure, you will love the sport even if you don’t really know how to swim! Sea kayaks are way too versatile and can just go about almost anywhere. Most sea kayaks are designed to handle rough open water conditions where the adventurer can perform “rock hopping”, “high sea paddling” and “long distance expedition touring” in sea kayaking. Indeed, sea kayaking is one of its own kind adventure sports which not only relax you up but acts like a real break from your daily chores of life!  Swimming, rafting, parasailing…. All one side and the experience of sea kayaking on other!

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