Corporate Outing Places in Hyderabad

Corporate outings prove to provide employees and managers with the opportunity to know one another better and beyond the all the work and stress. Developing a bond between co-workers is important for the better functioning of a company. Along with learning to communicate, they also develop individually. They become much more confident and bring forth their personalities hidden sides to light. And feel more liberated than usual to use their talents in the workplace at the right time.

corporate team outing places in hyderabad

A corporate outing is a very important activity that every company must organise at least once a year, enabling them to be more interested and engaged within the company. Maintaining employees in a company plays a vital role in the stability and the goodwill of the company.

Here are some of the most amazing places in Hyderabad for a perfect corporate outing:

Dreamvalley resort:

Drown your employees in serenity and tranquillity. This corporate outing gives employees some peace of mind and time for rejuvenation. Dreamvalley resort, with its silent beauty amongst a stunning lush and green backdrop makes it to be an absolutely sublime place for a corporate outing. Team building activities organised apart from indoor and outdoor activities and games.

Summer green resort:

With its close proximity to the town, the place offers a pleasurable ambience to be a part of. The drive to the resort is an enthralling one with orchards of mango and coconut trees welcoming you there. Cricket, basket ball, badminton and zorbing are some of the activities that can be done at this resort. Team building activities such as plank walk, nuclear balance, pick the fruit, caterpillar race and acid walk are additionally organised here. There are also conference rooms and banquet halls for corporate meetings and parties.

Celebrity resort:

This resort provides you with an option of 70 rooms to choose from. Celebrity resort’s decoration and interior makes you feel as if you were at the country side. With a sunrise and sunset to die for amongst a peaceful environment. The place is one to not be missed. They also have Banquet halls and five conference halls! There are indoor activities like chess, volleyball, badminton, snooker, shuttle, cricket for the ones who’d like to be a little active.

Button eye resort:

This is one of the oldest and favourable destinations for a corporate outing. With adequate and ample space, there are several recreational activities organised. The rooms and the interiors of the resort allow one to relax and catch up on one’s rest and recuperation requirement.

Pragati Resort:

Covering around 85 acres, Pragati resort is surrounded with lush green plants and colourful flowers that is worthy of and awe and admiration. There is also an option to visit the Pushpa Ayurveda spa so as to release muscular tensions caused due to sitting on chairs constantly for prolonged hours. The process of Pushpa Ayurveda includes therapeutic treatments with flowers and its smell, rejuvenating both the mind and the body. There are few indoor activities available such as swimming, fitness centre, yoga classes etc.

Papyrus port resort:

An ideal place for team outing. The infrastructure and the architecture is deeply influenced by Egyptian and Indian architecture which adds to its unique ambience. Group activities such as nuclear balance, acid walk, gutter etc are organised. With several activities done in the midst of an exclusive ambience, this place is exactly what one needs for a corporate outing.

Employees and workers are the building blocks to any company. The company’s well being is directly as well as indirectly dependent on the well being of its workers. The happier the people working in the company, the better the outcome. Bring out the best in your employees by letting them explore and display their capabilities. Employees grow in a company with time and experience. Let them have an experiences worth sharing at your company and help them grow as individuals too.

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