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Horsley Hills also known as Horseley konda, is an ideal location for a one day outing, alone or with friends and family. It is situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh in Madanepalle taluk of Chittoor district. The hills are situated at an altitude of 1,265 m above the sea level. The luxurious vegetation, peaceful environment and rich fauna make it an ideal spot for recreation.

hill stations in andhra pradesh

Yenugu Mallama konda is the local name of the hill, named after a saintly old woman named Mallama lived on the top of the hill. She was known to be fed by elephants. Horseley is named after WD Horseley who in order to escape the heat of the summer found this place and built a bungalow for himself. Before the discovery of this place, the tribal of Yanadis and Chenchus lived there. Punganur breed of cows were reared by them. After it has been discovered, there have been several people running small businesses there.

Importance of the place:

Horsley Hills

One could get the pleasure of the most refreshing climate in Horsley Hills. It is appropriate to get away from the hullabaloo of the commercial city life. The weather and the serenity in the air are a treat further adding on to one’s experience. This place is also known for its rich and dense vegetation. The native vegetation in some of the places, is replaced by eucalyptus and exotic trees. Rare species of animals such as the Sambar bear, sloth bear and the wild boar are first found here. Around 133 rare species of birds are found in this region. The endemic yellow throated bulbul was first discovered here in 1908.The other rare species of birds surrounding this region are black eagle and the white rumped shama.

The most commonly availed route is via Bangalore. There are a lot of options available from Bangalore to get to Horsley Hills. The other alternate route is via Tirupati. The Bangalore and the Tirupati airports are the closest to this place at a distance of 160 and 165 kilometres respectively. The nearest railway station is Madanapalle, which is 27 km away from Horseley hill. It is most advisable that a transport system is arranged by the resort you decide to live in, since the local transportation is not quite reliable. This place is well connected to the other parts of the state. There are buses that take you to the hill station.

Horsley Hills Accomodation:

Haritha hill resort is the most recommended place with an ambience similar to the aura of the environment of this place. The tranquil and quiet surrounding of the resort ensures a pleasurable stay for every guests that stay there. This resort is close to important places to visit. Apart from this Horsley Hills holiday homes has a modern setup with luxurious rooms. They believe in serving nature in order to enjoy it to its truest essence. They have professionals skilled and experienced in Horticulture and Vermiculite for several years.

Places to visit in Horsley Hills

View point: 200 mts from Horseley hill bus stand, it is situated behind the Governer’s bungalow. The view offered at this place is a treat to the eyes. The valleys, hillocks and the dense forest together forms a picturesque image in the mind. The sunset from this point cannot be missed. A moving image of the setting sun within the valley is formed as the sun sets. It is the most magical sight that one can come across.

Gali bandalu/ Wind Rocks:

300 meters away from the Horsley bus stand. ‘Wind Rocks’ as a name it derives from the idea of the combination of the rocky slope and the gusty sound of the wind. One can enjoy walk through the entire road and enjoy a clear view of the valleys accompanied by the sound of the breeze.

Mallamma Temple:

Mallamma temple is situated at a distance of 350 meters from the Horseley hill bus stand. It is one of the most well-known tourist places in Horseley hill. Its earlier name had been Yenugu Mallamma Konda, this temple marks to be a must place for visit. It is believed that a little girl Mallamma lived at the top of the hills and medically treated the tribal. One fine day, she disappeared and the people of that area considered her to be the Goddess and built the temple in her remembrance. People come to pay their devotion in huge numbers to this place.

Chennakesava Temple :

Situated 40 kms away from Horsley hill, this place is an attraction for the ones who are historically inclined. With its historical background and intricate art work this place marks to be an ancient and classical construction that is worth a visit.

Horsley Hill Zoo:

Visiting the zoo is one of the most popular things to do in Horsley Hills, especially for the kids. The wildlife zoo includes monkeys, rabbits, pigeons, peacocks and crocodiles. The green coverage and the thick vegetation make the place to be a pleasant place to spend some time.

Kaundinya wildlife sanctuary:

It is a well-known for sanctuary and is known for an elephant reserve situated in Chittoor. Thirty- nine elephants from the forest of Tamil Nadu migrated here and today it has 78 elephants along with other rare animals. The winter is the best time to enjoy the lake and the view of several migratory birds.

Kalyani Eucalyptus tree:

This is the only tree in India that has a name. It was planted by the Horseley in 1859. The kalyani tree has the height of 40 meters and a circumference of 4.7 meters.

Gangotri Lake:
Gangotri lake a small lake situated on the way to Mandanapalle from Horsley Hills. This lake offers an enchanting view of the eucalyptus vegetation around it. The lake is known to be filled during the rainy season. It is usually dried up during the summer.

Rishi Valley School:
This school is situated in an ancient valley of the Rishikonda hill, where a sage used to meditate. The surroundings offer immense peace and quite. This place was regarded as the bird preserve centre in 1991. One of the largest banyan trees in India is seen here.

The Horsley Hills has a climate that can be wonderfully enjoyed at any time it has been visited. Different seasons give a different colour to its surroundings. People go back to it in order to seep in the beauty it serves. This place has something beautiful to offer to the eyes from every angle it is looked at.

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