Outbound Training is a training program which helps to improvise organizational performance through experimental learning. These programs are referred to as outbound or outdoor management development programs. The main criteria of these programs is to improve leadership skills, communication skills, planning and managerial skills, teamwork and building team spirit and motivation. With the merging rise of team building activities in a corporate environment, outbound training programs have come to a hype.

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Outbound training programs are better than indoor activities as it offers a change in environment to the team, offering a fresh perspective and vision towards things. The basic type of Outbound training program involves diving the team into smaller groups and assigning tasks or fun activities which are time framed to monitor the team coordinating ethos of the members. These activities helps to observe the behavior of different team members during the process which is used as the base research for enhancing performances. The sole purpose of the activity drills is to let the participants find an individual solution to work it up as a team in the defined time frame.

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Outbound training programs are developed with a structured approach which involves various experimental, adventure, and learning activities. The skilled team is used to develop the structured approach in order to achieve desired outcomes. The main target of outbound training program is to build

  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Team building
  • Quality improvement
  • Mentor and skill development
  • Strategic thinking
  • Conflict management
  • Change management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Interpersonal skills

Outbound training program is usually conducted for corporate team building and in other institutional zones. Experimental education method in outbound training program facilitates questioning, understanding and processing skills.

Outbound training program are being conducted in various parts of the country, especially in Hyderabad. Key factors influencing the planning of outbound training program are:

A right location is must for an outbound training program as environ plays a crucial role in the life of humans. The more closeness to nature, keeps the human mind relaxed, offering a new perspective and approach towards things. Hence a behavioral change is observed when team building outbound training programs are held near hill station or lake side.
It is important to understand and identify the needs and outcomes for an outbound training program. Without the target motive, the outbound training might end up in vain. Hence, it is crucial to know the reason for the training program.
Choose your learning partner in the outbound training program wisely as it would in turn affect your learning and derivations form the program.
People tend to spend more in outbound training program as they are usually out stationed in contrast to other classroom training sessions. Hence it is very essential to know “why”. Outbound training program are conducted differently keeping in mind the needs and outcome required. Sometimes the outbound training program involves fun recreational games while other involve role-plays and practical activities etc. here is a basic timeline mapping for a general outbound training program:

  • Innovative introduction: address the audience
  • Introduction to fun activities: socialization
  • Mission related tasks, exercise, games
  • Discussion on learning points and outcome analyses.

If you are still brooding over what makes outbound training program as effective training tool then let me highlight it with an example.

In this computer savvy world, everyone is looking for a smart thinking, swift reaching employee, and nobody wishes for a dull doodle.

Hence, outbound training program focuses on the areas which helps to enhance interpersonal relations, trust and better communication in order to achieve personal effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, there outbound training programs are conducted in wilderness sites, away from human interventions to provide a friendly and comfortable environ to the people to associate with each other. It has been observed that people become more introspective and the learning process is more effective in informal environments. People usually tend to shook their masks and become more receptive to learning, ready to understand and gel up with each other.

Outbound training program demonstrates to people that a necessary internal resource is required of them which can be bought up only with collective working and team building. The key principles of outbound training program are:

  • outbound training program keeps the assumption that people have more resources and are more capable than they think they are
  • a small group is capable of coping up physical and mental challenges
  • Learning is more successful when problems are presented
  • Stress is an important catalyst for processing
  • Significant, long-lasting learning can be achieved through an intensive, short-term experience.
  • Highly challenging team bonding activities enhances the character of individuals or teams and improve their behavior, teamwork, leadership and cooperation.

Ten to one, outbound training program brings up individual strength together in meaningful manner to make an individual flexible and proactive. Hence it is mandatory to keep the team engaged in different team building activities to keep them together as learning team building is an important element of leadership. Freakouts Adventures organizes campsite tours and packages for various corporate meetings and team building activities keeping in mind the need and requirement of a united team! One can seek out to the existing itineraries and corporate training programs both planned for single day as well as multi day in various locations of India in order to provide a perfect escape out to the corporate team for a great learning experience. Freakouts Adventures offers suggestions of various outdoor games like rope climbing, wall climbing, treasure hunt etc. as a part of team building drills along with other adventure sports like trekking, kayaking, rappelling an canoeing etc. Make your team stand out as one, by some outbound training programs to enhance better communication and understanding between the Team mates.

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