The Ultimate Guide for A Road Trip from India to Thailand

Here is the best news for people who love travelling by road. It’s epic. Ready? Here goes.

You can now travel from India to Thailand by road on the brand new Highway! It is now a reality.

road trip

India- Myanmar-Thailand is a very scenic route, where you can experience different weathers across various border crossings. This Asian highway is now operational!
Since the Asian highway is operational the distance between Thinggan Nyenaung and Kawareik has reduced from a three hour long journey to just under 45 minutes. Isn’t that amazing! But one thing that is quite important is an International Drivers permit, which should be with you if you are thinking of testing out the highway yourself. Travelling from India to Thailand couldn’t get as pleasurable and memorable as this!

A bus service connecting Imphal, Manipur and Mandalay may be introduced which makes this Journey even more adventurous for enthusiasts.

You can enjoy the view of the lush green and welcoming hills of Shillong while you drive on this highway. Called the Scotland of the east, you will definitely feel and agree to the apt given name. You could easily be mesmerised with the pollution free environment which you would’t see any of the current concrete jungles you hail from. It is even more spectacular and rejuvenating in the month of June when the monsoon arrives..

You should definitely visit the following places in Shillong.

Shillong peak – Highest point in the state of Meghalaya it is a must visit spot for families from across the country.Shillong peak

Elephant falls – On the outskirts of the city is situated twin falls that crash over rocks and ferns. A sight that looks as if it were right out of a movie set.Elephant falls
Williamson Sangma State Museum – Providing a peak and insight into the culture of the various tribes and ethnicity of the area.
Williamson Sangma State Museum

Wards lake –An artificial lake that provides boating services throughout the year. How fast can you row?
Wards lake

As Myanmar was a very powerful Colonial centre, you would be able to see the cultural and heritage impact on the area. The food in Myanmar is the most mouthwatering and relishing and must be tasted before you reach your destination- Thailand. The architecture of the temples which has its unique styles are a must to visit. It isn’t a surprise that tourism is the backbone of Myanmar. A balloon trip which hovers over the city is the most exciting and thrilling experience one should experience while there.

Things to do in Mandalay:

1) Eat at one of Mandalay’s street food joints – The city offers a wide range of delicious food available at inexpensive rates.

Eat at one of Mandalay’s street food joints

2) Stone carving district – Visit and study the traditional ways of stone carving that are still practised to a great extent in this district.

Stone carving district

3) Gold pounder’s workshops- King Galon and Golden Rose are two prominent workshops where you can examine the craft of gold hammering that is still accomplished in Mandalay.

Gold pounder’s workshops

4) Maha Muni Pagoda – This is a spiritual centre of Myanmar and is the second most sacred place in Myanmar after the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.

Maha Muni Pagoda

If you are planning your road trip to Myanmar any time soon, follow this guide to keep your journey absolutely full of fun, frolic and stress free. Ride on!

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