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A perfect getaway for the people who want to go for outdoor camping from hyderabad within short distances.

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About Ali Sagar
It’s time for vacation! Let’s plan an adventure trip to Alisagar. Yes! Alisagar is a manmade reservoir which offers a wonderful weekend get-away from the noisy city lifestyle. Buy yourself a peaceful weekends, rolling in the fresh nurtured forest grass; with the deep ray of the first sun falling on your face and sounds of water falling in the distant land. This is the beauty of this place! Trek, boat, climb, or jump, you have the entire nature to explore yourself and dive into the deep thoughts of make your trip more adventurous and interactive, we introduce team games and water sports for entertainment. The forest spread along with summer house, well-laid-gardens, as island and a hill-top guest-house make it a favored gateway, adding facilities for all Adventure activities like Trekking, Rock Climbing, Water Sports and Team Games etc.
About On Request Facilities
We can customize these programs for Corporate and Families Archery Rifle shooting Team building games Fun games
  1. Archery

    If you have always been inspired by mythological stories and movies, feel the activity of archery. You can feel how the princes, princesses, kings and queens felt when they had to fight in the arena; you can also feel the activity of ‘cupid – the love angel with a bow and arrow.

  2. Rappeling

    How about losing control knowing the fact that there’s something that’s holding you and protecting you as you spread your arms and move down from a huge mountain? Let the butterflies from your stomach come out and dance in front of your eyes as you get into the activity of rappelling on our campsites.

  3. Rock Climbing

    If your fingers are strong enough to handle your own body weight, rock climbing is the adventure meant for you. No doubt you need proper training for it, but our campsites have professional trainers to help you begin with this activity by conquering your fear of ‘falling down.’ Let’s rock!

  4. Trekking

    Who doesn’t want to go on trekking? If you are interested in packing your bags and going off to a place that you have never explored before, it is time for you to search for various campsites on our website and visit the place captures your attention the most. Get an experience you would never forget your entire life.

About Program informationAdventure sports will be covered

Tent Pitching

Still Water Rafting

Team Games

Camp Fire


NoteInstructions for this program

For the above packages minimum requirement is 20 participants & Max 100 Participants.

Cost of the package does NOT include Food, Refreshment/Tea Breaks, and Transportation OR any other expenses related to the camp.

Cost of the package includes Adventure Support and Tent Accommodation only.

If the participants committed are more than 40 and in case of any dropout 50% of the package cost have to be paid.

Mode of payment: - 100 % well in advance.

Littering, Smoking, Drinking Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the camp

Team Wildwoods will join you at decided location, from where you will be taken to the camp site, organize the activities and come back.

Transportation and Food have to be arranged for Team Wildwoods.

All Rules and Regulations of Wildwoods are applicable.

About On Request FacilitiesWe can customize these programs for Corporate

Rifle shooting

Fun games

Water roller

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
Shared Rooms included in teh Price Items that are covered in the cost of tour price.
Individual Rooms not included in the Price Items that are covered in the cost of tour price.
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