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Terms & Conditions:

Paying to Freakouts for programs and activities

Booking of any services which is offered by Freakous Adventures solution private limited through website, direct payment at location or any other soruces like third party sides are subject to the terms and conditions set out in these website terms and conditions, the privacy policy and any other relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices which may be applicable to a specific section or module of the freakouts website.

We all know that our services are related adventures and somewhat risk to life and it may cause to get some injury, health issues and death, which is beyond Freakouts Adventures control. Sometimes weather changes will also create problems during activity or program. Freakouts Adventures does its best to not face any issues and risks for clients by using safety equipment and all other things to get trips safe for customers. Even though there are few chances to may happen accidents, risks during activity and camp area. Everyone must read carefully and understand our terms and you are going to agree with these terms and conditions if you are booking our services.

Promotions on Digital Platforms

  • We use pictures of every activity done at our campsites for website promotions. We use them in right way only.
  • We accept bookings only through our website and book my show
  • Bookings & Refunds
  • You should bring id proofs of you and ticket which you got after booking done on website
  • You can postpone your trip date
  • We don’t allow you into campsite until get full payment of your trip
  • If we cancel trip from our side, we will refund full amount
  • If you cancel your program 30% will be deducted from your booking amount

Other Terms

  • We can change itinerary schedule at any time due to weather or reasons
  • We are not responsible
    • for your belongings
    • If you don’t feel comfort with our camping are and activities
    • If you come late to camp area and waiting time
  • You need to pay any other expenses which are not included in purchased trip
  • It is your responsibility of hospital charges, other expenses like transports if you fall oil or suffer an accident during activity or camping
  • We communicate our clients through phone and email which is given while registration on website. If you share wrong details we are not responsible for it. If you want to reach us on this use (
  • We respect our clients and we will expect back same manner with our staff
  • We don’t encourage violence at campsites and activity areas. You have to take responsibility if any damage done for our belongings from clients.
  • You have to accept of personal risks, dangers and challenges if you book our services
  • We use all photographs which captured at campsites and activity areas
  • We can change content, prices, itineraries of any web pages
  • You should not link our website on any other websites without informing to us

Privacy Policy:

Freakouts Adventures (“FREAKOUTS ADVENTURES”) run and may operate other websites and blogs. It is FREAKOUTS ADVENTURES policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect throughout viewer visiting experience

Use of Cookies

Freakouts uses cookies to help in identify or track visitors, their usage of freakouts site, and their web page access preferences. Freakouts Visitors who refused to agree our cookies will not get website functions properly.

Emails and Phone Numbers

We don’t share email ids and phone numbers which we got through registrations or direct inquires for freakouts services