1)What do I need to pack for an overnight trek?

   This is something that you need to decide all by yourself, but remember one thing – there is no need for you to pack food because you get everything on the site!

2)Do young kids enjoy trekking?

   Yes – there are certain adventurous activities conducted only for the youth.

3)Is the equipment used for adventure risk-free?

   We ensure that the equipment is checked from time to time to help you enjoy without any fear.

4)Is to & pro transportation is included

   No transportation is included

5)Is parking facilities are there


6)What will be the food options?

   Both Veg & Non Veg will be available.

7)What is the cost for kids

   There is no cost for kid below 7 years, above 7 years the cost will be 70% per kid from adult price

8)Are activities included in the package?

   Yes, activities included in the package, there is some packages which are only for camping

9)Where will be the accommodation?

   Accommodation will be in the tents with sleeping bags, pillows & blankets

10)Is fans are available in tents?

   No fans are available in tents.

11)What will be the cancellation policy?

   30% will be charges for cancellation.

12)Whether program can be postponed.

   Yes, you can postpone the program if necessary.

13)How many days before booking should be confirm?

   Before three days prior to trip date booking should be confirm.

14)What will be the payment terms?

   Total Payment should be completed before the trip date.

15)What will be the mode of payment?

   Mode of payment will be Online Payment, Bank Transfer, Google pay or Phone Pe.

16)Whether cash payment is allowed at campsites.

   No cash payments are allowed in campsites.

17)Will there be washrooms?

   Yes, Washroom available at all campsites.

18)What if I'm late to the campsite?

   No problem, your tent will be ready for you even you are late to campsite

19)Can I pitch own camping tents at your campsites?

   No, we don't allow to pitch own tents

20)Is that itineraries are fixed?

   No, it will be changes as per weather conditions

21)Is it safe for kids & family?

   Yes, it is safe

22)Is Wi-Fi available at campsites?