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We conduct camping, trekking at Koil Sagar campsite for corporate and family outings. You can enjoy dinner with campfire and talking with your mates in moonlight

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About Koil Sagar
Koil Sagar Dam draws attention of a lot of tourists to stop bye and appreciate the beauty of a medium water reservoir with live water storage capacity of 60 million cubic meters! People plan multi day trips to Koil Sagar village of DeveraKadra Mandal in Mahabubnagar district to visit the Koil Sagar Damn as well as The Veerabadra Temple (Koil Konda).the best time to visit here is the time of Jathara, the local festive celebration as it involves a spark of culture and tradition to the place. Swimming and trekking are the most famous activities of this place. A day trip can also work perfect for corporate meetings, group outings or team building. The place also involves activities like rappelling, kayaking, camping, zip lining etc. on special requests. The trip to Koil Sagar is an easy and feasible escape from the boring dull metropolis lifestyle. The environment is calm and fresh, pollution free and away from the crowds and traffic.
On Request Facilities
  1. Zipline

    Have you ever tried flying? No – we are not fools to ask you this question, but if you miss experiencing zipline activity, which is one of the most adventurous activities on our campsites, then you would fool yourself all your life! Spread your arms and welcome air into your lungs as you travel from one corner to another!

  2. Bouldering

    For those, who don’t know the meaning of this activity, it is a kind of rock climbing that’s performed without ropes. Except for a pair of good shoes and a good trainer to help you stay safe as you climb the rock, there’s nothing else that you need to enjoy this wonderful activity.

  3. Rappeling

    How about losing control knowing the fact that there’s something that’s holding you and protecting you as you spread your arms and move down from a huge mountain? Let the butterflies from your stomach come out and dance in front of your eyes as you get into the activity of rappelling on our campsites.

  4. Hiking

    Explore a new mountain after grabbing the best shoes from your shoe-case! Tighten your laces and go to a place with all your friends or loved ones. If you are interested in hiking, we have some of the most awesome campsites for you; what are your waiting for?

  5. Trekking

    Who doesn’t want to go on trekking? If you are interested in packing your bags and going off to a place that you have never explored before, it is time for you to search for various campsites on our website and visit the place captures your attention the most. Get an experience you would never forget your entire life.

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