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Leonia Resorts is the amalgamation of fun, adventure and relaxation! A perfect destination to sneak in when the busy city lifestyle gets on your nerves. The day trip to Leonia involves unique custom built adventure activities, parties, movie experiences and what not!

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About Resort
Get ready for the thrilling and challenging day outing as we plan your day trip with the start from great camping experiences followed by lunch buffet and a healing treatment in our boutique sized spa and essence area. The outdoor sports just add on to the enthusiasm of the trip, giving a perfect day out with family or friends. Even a business meeting or a conference can be planned at Leonia to break the monotony of the work life as the resort provides special zones for such conferences and events. The water rides and water park experience is just made perfect with the outdoor food and beverages made available. Now, don’t exert yourself travelling to far off places when you can experience the best nearby.
About On Request Facilities
  1. Water Roller

    Crazy and fun activity is to roll down on water. We plan your trips in a fashion that involves interesting adventure activity and team games. Water roller is one of our favorite. Choose the package which appeals you the best, and let us help you water roll!

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A perfect day outing spot