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At Freakouts you will find safety first, with well-trained and certified professional instructorsand the best equipment being used to ensure safety of clients.

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  • Vacation Style Family Group
  • Activity Level Quite Easy
  • Group Size Medium Groups
About Adventure Camp
It is time to give your child a wonderful experience, where he or she develops the skills which are just too good to be ignored off. The reason behind getting in these smart camps is that you make a bond with the team mates which goes out for a very long time. It also gives an opportunity to learn self reliance, and program that suits everyone’s taste. Your child can be a part of the Adventure camp with camp fire, rappelling, treks and even the chimney climbing etc. The children will also fall into the process of discipline and a schedule. Your children will learn to build confidence with high ropes, earthquakes, grab knowledge of the soil and get a bit closer to the nature. The purpose of our camping adventures is not just relationship development or getting in touch with nature, our motto is to make people realize the value of life at a very initiating level. And that is how we believe in giving your child Adventure, fun, learning and capability to survive.
On Request Facilities
  1. Spider Web

    A human sized spider web? Sounds like so much fun. Crawl or climb, pull or push it, but experience the fun adventure of spider web climbing in your trip with us! All our packages have exciting twists of adventure activities and fun games – spider web activity being one of it.

  2. Climbing Wall

    Climbing a wall? Yes! When you are an adventure freak, you can really do anything risk taking and thrilling. Climbing wall is a fun adventure activity. Experience the keenness of climbing wall at the most incredible places under skilled supervision to have a impeccable voyage travel trip with your close ones. Make reminiscences to treasure for lifetime.

  3. Rafting

    Who doesn’t want to experience river rafting at least once in his life? If river rafting gives an electric shock to your body and increases your sense of adventure, we have awesome campsites for you to enjoy this water sport. Don’t worry about your safety – it is our responsibility!

  4. Water Walking

    Did you actually think you could ever walk on water? Have you always wanted to walk on water? How would you feel if we say we can let you experience walking on water? If this is something that thrills your senses, our water walking sport is meant for you.

  5. vine traverse

    Another rope course in which you have to walk ‘in the air’ and hold the rope to reach the destination; as the board or rope beneath your feet moves, you feel like you are in the intoxicating effect of drinking wine! Enjoy the sensation of being in hangover without drinking even a sip!

  6. Earthquake

    This is not something that most of the Indians are aware of, despite their knowledge of different adventurous activities. This high rope course allows you to walk on a rope or balance yourself in such a way that you reach the destination without tripping and falling on the ground.

  7. Horizontal Ladder

    Have you ever tried pulling yourself away from gravity? Do you know the feeling in your belly as you push yourself up on a ladder that’s designed to keep you detached from the floor? Hop on a horizontal ladder and get into the activity to enjoy an unusual sensation.

  8. Burma Bridge

    The first thing that you should do is check what a Burma Bridge looks like. The bridges on our campsites have been designed for all the thrill seekers out there. Walk on a thick rope’s base as there are two huge ropes on the sides to help you balance yourself in the air.

  9. Zorbing

    If you have not yet experienced the fun of zorbing, imagine yourself in a transparent ball, relentlessly falling off the slope. The best part is that you don’t get hurt when you do this activity on our campsites since we not only pre-check the equipment for you, but also have professionals to guide you for your safety.

  10. Bouldering

    For those, who don’t know the meaning of this activity, it is a kind of rock climbing that’s performed without ropes. Except for a pair of good shoes and a good trainer to help you stay safe as you climb the rock, there’s nothing else that you need to enjoy this wonderful activity.

  1. Day 1 11.00 am - Allocation Of cottages/rooms

  2. Day 1 12.00 pm - Getting to know about • Do`s and Don’ts • Introduction to course • Basics of safety & first

  3. Day 1 1.00 pm - Lunch and rest time

  4. Day 1 2.30 pm - Basics of Bouldering. • Rock climbing.

  5. Day 1 5.30 pm - Snacks time & freshen up

  6. Day 1 6.30 pm - Camp fire with Culture activities

  7. Day 1 8.00 pm - Dinner

  8. Day 1 10.00 PM - Lights Off

  9. Day 2 6.00 am - Wake up and freshen up

  10. Day 2 6.30 am - Nature Trek with • Knowledge of plants and soil. • Techniques of Trekking. • Leave No Trace.

  11. Day 2 8.00 am - Time to bath

  12. Day 2 8.45 am - Breakfast

  13. Day 2 9.30 am - Rappelling • Rope & Hard gear handling. • Risk management & Risk assessment. • Belay technique

  14. Day 2 11.00 am - Energy drinks break

  15. Day 2 11.15 am - Chimney Climbing • Free hand techniques • Quick body movements • Supporting team • Decision

  16. Day 2 1.00 pm - Lunch & Relaxation

  17. Day 2 2.30 pm - Skeleton beam

  18. Day 2 3.30 pm - Tent Pitching • How to select base camp? • Methods to select tents according to region.

  19. Day 2 4.30 pm - Preparation for night trek / Preparation for cooking.

  20. Day 2 5.30 pm - Snacks time & freshen up

  21. Day 2 8.00 pm - Dinner

  22. Day 2 10.00 PM - Lights Off

  23. Day 3 6.00 am - Wake up and freshen up

  24. Day 3 6.30 am - Nature Trek with • Knowledge of plants and soil. • Techniques of Trekking. • Leave No Trace.

  25. Day 3 8.00 am - Time to bath

  26. Day 3 8.45 am - Breakfast

  27. Day 3 9.30 am - Building Confidence with High Rope Activities • Earth Quake • Horizontal ladder • Wine Travers

  28. Day 3 11.00 am - Energy drinks break

  29. Day 3 11.15 am - Building Confidence with High Rope Activities • Postman walk • Burma Bridge • Spider web

  30. Day 3 1.00 pm - Lunch & Relaxation

  31. Day 3 2.30 pm - Wild Woozy

  32. Day 3 3.30 pm - Mission Impossible

  33. Day 3 5.00 pm - Snacks time & freshen up

  34. Day 3 8.00 pm - Dinner

  35. Day 3 10.00 PM - Lights Off

  36. Day 4 6.00 am - Wake up and freshen up

  37. Day 4 6.30 am - Nature Trek with • Knowledge of plants and soil. • Techniques of Trekking. • Leave No Trace.

  38. Day 4 8.00 am - Time to bath

  39. Day 4 8.45 am - Breakfast

  40. Day 4 9.30 am - Zorbing

  41. Day 4 11.00 am - Energy drinks break

  42. Day 4 11.15 am - Water Walking & Raft Building

  43. Day 4 1.00 pm - Lunch & Relaxation

  44. Day 4 2.30 pm - Team Building Games

  45. Day 4 5.30 pm - Snacks time & freshen up

  46. Day 4 6.30 pm - Camp fire with Culture activities

  47. Day 4 8.00 pm - Dinner

  48. Day 4 10.00 PM - Lights Off

  49. Day 5 6.00 am - Wake up and freshen up

  50. Day 5 8.00 am - Breakfast

  51. Day 5 8.45 am - Depart to Village

  52. Day 5 9.15am - Activities in Village • Terracotta • Knowledge on silkworm

  53. Day 5 11.00 am - Energy drinks break

  54. Day 5 11.15 am - Service in Village

  55. Day 5 1.00 pm - Lunch & Relaxation

  56. Day 5 2.30 pm - Depart from Horsley Hills

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