Manaslu Round Trekking – 18 Days


This trek is geographically spectacular and culturally fascinating circumnavigating Manaslu peak

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About Manaslu Round Trek
This trek was officially opened to tourist in 1991, but mountaineering expedition have had made long access to this area. In 1950, a party led by H.W Tilman trekked from Thonje Tobimtank and Col Gimmy crossed the Larkey la looking for an interesting mountain to climb. Manaslu(8156 m) was attempted by Japenese expeditions every year from 1952 until 1956 when the first ascent was made. Having become known as Japanese mountain much of the information about the area was available in Japanese. The Japanese continued to dominate the climbing scene of Manaslu until 1971. A few trekkers including peripatetic Hugh Swift, Managed to obtain the trekking permit for the region but otherwise this trek always has been the domain of the mountaineering expedition, This trek id geographically spectacular and culturally fascinating circumnavigating Manaslu peak 29 (7871m) Himal Chuli (7893m) and Boudha (6672m).
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