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Ladakh Motorcycle Expedition | 17 Days |

Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir (75)
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About Ladakh Motorcycle Expedition

The roads are unforgiving mostly single lane and infinitely meandering. The altitude is the highest any road in the world can boast of taking you to. The rivers you cross are furious and they laugh a riot in your face. The Buddhist monasteries provided the deepest spiritual experience people have ever had. The sheer dedication of the Indian Army and the amazing Border Road Organisation who keep these roads working is infectious. Impossible bridges over rivers and impossible rivers over bridges are equally possible. Glacial melts, landslides and washed-out roads need to be taken in as your daily cup of tea. Else, it is really not your cup of tea! But if you brave through Lahaul-Spiti, you will return a mountain adventurer, a storyteller, and most importantly, a lover!

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