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Kids survival program

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About Kids survival program

Bored of traditional summer camp tricks? Let your child experience real life experiences and thrills in life. Survival program take out the fear of unknown from the kids and help them develop self-worth. Kids learn corporation and feels enthusiastic towards life and develop the potential of risk taking in life which is very essential for decision making. The survival program involves a lot of outdoor activities and adventure sports for youth like kayaking, high ropes and other risk taking sports under the supervision of trained staff to let the kids face challenges of life with a positive outlook.

The environment, activities, and the crowd there help the kid to strengthen a sense of citizenship and responsibility. Kids learn to risk in life and the concept of survival of the fittest at an early stage which helps them groom their personality, communication skills and decision making power. Kids build new friendships, develop self-esteem,

About On Request Facilities

We can customize these programs

  • Water Roller
  • Archery
  • Fun games
  • Team Buidling Games


Day 1 6.30 AM Reach Location
Day 1 6.30 AM Allocation of Cottages /Tents
Day 1 7.30 AM Freshen up
Day 1 8.30 AM Break fast
Day 1 9.30 AM Self Awareness & Group Awareness •Basics of Safety & First Aid •Group Formation
Day 1 10.00 AM Building Confidence •Earth Quake • Horizontal ladder •Vertical ladder •Commando Course
Day 1 12.30 PM Lunch and Relaxation
Day 1 02.00 PM Developing Communication and Co-ordination • Blind Fold Games •Construction Games
Day 1 04.00 PM High Tea
Day 1 04.30 PM Review Time
Day 1 07.30 PM Camp Fire, Cultural Followed by dinner
Day 2 06.00 AM Wake up & Freshen up
Day 2 06.30 AM Trekking
Day 2 08.00 AM Ready Time
Day 2 09.00 AM Breakfast
Day 2 10.00 AM Problem Solving & Decision Making • Chimney Climbing • Bouldering
Day 2 12.30 PM Lunch and Relaxation
Day 2 02.00 PM • Swimming • Raft Building in swimming pool
Day 2 04.00 PM High Tea
Day 2 04.30 PM Zorbing
Day 2 05.30 PM Review
Day 2 07.30-9 PM Camp Fire, Cultural Followed by dinner
Day 3 6.00 PM Wake up & Freshen up
Day 3 6.30 AM Trekking
Day 3 8.00 AM Ready Time
Day 3 9.00 AM Breakfast
Day 3 10.00 AM Adventure Games • Rappelling • Adventure Games
Day 3 12.30 PM Lunch and Relaxation
Day 3 02.00 PM Water Walking Ball
Day 3 04.00 PM High Tea
Day 3 04.30 PM Review of the Program
Day 3 08.30 PM Dinner
Day 4 8.00 PM Breakfast
Day 4 9.00 PM Map Reading Session
Day 4 10.00 AM Survival Camp – Includes Map Reading, Cooking, Trekking
Day 4 8.00 PM Dinner and Depart


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Chethan - Hyderabad

Perfect for summer camps in hyderabad


Sam - Hyderabad

We went with freakouts for survival program in botanical gardens

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