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About Kids Leadership Program

Kid's leadership program involves them in lot of fun games and Adventure activities which involves a learning experience for them. Leadership programs involves fun games and packages smartly chosen for kids of different age groups where kids can learn, observe, interact and behave without their parents and prepares them for greater ordeals of life. These programs help them to learn life skills and develop leadership qualities, management and reflect a change in their behavior. Kids learn to take responsibilities in early stage of life through planned activities and implementation workshops which boast communication skills and hands on leading the group activities. The leadership program provides to the youth of all age group, a safe and nurturing environment which helps to develop their confidence, sense of community, leadership skills and teaches them life skills as well. These programs boast their energy and make them independent and self-confident.

On Request Facilities


Day 1 6.00 am Departure from Bangalore Breakfast on the way.
Day 1 11.00 am Reach Horsley Hills
Day 1 11.00 am Allocation Of cottages/rooms
Day 1 12.00 pm Camp Rules & Ice Breaking
Day 1 1.00 pm Lunch and rest time
Day 1 2.30 pm Adventure Session
Day 1 5.30 pm Snacks Time
Day 1 6.30 pm Cultural Session
Day 1 8.00 pm Dinner
Day 2 6.00 am Wake up and freshen up
Day 2 6.30 am Rejuvenation Session
Day 2 8.00 am Time to bath
Day 2 8.45 am Breakfast
Day 2 9.30 am Adventure Session 1
Day 2 11.00 am Energy drinks break
Day 2 11.15 am Personality Development Session 1
Day 2 1.00 pm Lunch & Relaxation
Day 2 2.30 pm Adventure Session 2
Day 2 3.30 pm Personality Development Session 2
Day 2 4.30 pm Snacks time
Day 2 5.30-6 pm Cultural Time
Day 2 8-9.30 pm Dinner


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