kayaking, camping in Laknavaram

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We have own island in Laknavaram Lake where you can do Night camping and kayaking activity

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About Laknavaram Lake
Laknavaram Cheruvu is a crazy large lake near Warangal with around 13 islands scattered amidst the lush green forests with natural serene beauty around it. The place is peaceful and a perfect get away for the day trip! Seeking the place as the most wanted tourist destination, the place is a great destination for bird watching, kayaking and camping of course! One can hire bots and rear to the extremes of the vast lake till you find yourself tranquilizing in the arms of nature. The chirping of the birds, the scratching of the monkeys and around the dense stretch of forests with the wavy noise of water, fix your camp and bon fire your night with music and dance finding solace from the city lights.
About On Request Facilities
  1. Kayaking

    It doesn’t matter if you are visiting our campsite alone, with your partner or with your friends or loved ones; Kayaking is a water sport that you MUST enjoy. Let the water splash on your face as you go against its tides, challenging every wave that comes in your way.

  2. Camping

    There can be nothing more beautiful than gazing stars at night, lying on the carpet of natural grass or soft stones right in front of your warm tent! Lay down beside your partner and attract the universe as you go on the best campsites for camping. You can also meditate under the stars.

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I did kayaking here, worth to try