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Dindi area is renowned for its Houseboat Cruise and getaway resorts, the must go place for corporate meetings, adventure or team building

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About Dindi
Dindi area is renowned for its Houseboat Cruise and getaway resorts, the must go place for corporate meetings, adventure or team building. The place is natural scenic beauty where you can live in a houseboat in lush and green dindi, enjoying the nature’s bliss to fullest. These houseboats can take visitors from Coconut Country Resorts, Dindi for an amazing cruise upstream till Rajolu Town or downstream up to Narsapur town. In addition there is a sit out and dining area on the deck of each boat. The boats can be hired for hours to cherish the beauty of the resort. The luxurious facilities ensure to make your stay cozy and comfortable. Dindi includes other deluxe resorts for awe inspiring view of the glorious Godavari River. Swimming pool is the place where guests can take a refreshing bath by experiencing the majestic view of nature. A perfect getaway from hectic office life, to celebrate nature with team building and corporate meetings
On Request Facilities
  1. Spider Web

    A human sized spider web? Sounds like so much fun. Crawl or climb, pull or push it, but experience the fun adventure of spider web climbing in your trip with us! All our packages have exciting twists of adventure activities and fun games – spider web activity being one of it.

  2. Climbing Wall

    Climbing a wall? Yes! When you are an adventure freak, you can really do anything risk taking and thrilling. Climbing wall is a fun adventure activity. Experience the keenness of climbing wall at the most incredible places under skilled supervision to have a impeccable voyage travel trip with your close ones. Make reminiscences to treasure for lifetime.

  3. Water Walking

    Did you actually think you could ever walk on water? Have you always wanted to walk on water? How would you feel if we say we can let you experience walking on water? If this is something that thrills your senses, our water walking sport is meant for you.

  4. Earthquake

    This is not something that most of the Indians are aware of, despite their knowledge of different adventurous activities. This high rope course allows you to walk on a rope or balance yourself in such a way that you reach the destination without tripping and falling on the ground.

  5. High Rope Course

    Such courses are designed to help you enjoy the sensation of being away from the force of gravity. It is not that we give you wings to fly, but we make houses for you that are not on the ground or surface of Earth. Here are some of the courses that you enjoy under High Rope Courses

  6. Zipline

    Have you ever tried flying? No – we are not fools to ask you this question, but if you miss experiencing zipline activity, which is one of the most adventurous activities on our campsites, then you would fool yourself all your life! Spread your arms and welcome air into your lungs as you travel from one corner to another!

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