Day outing to Rainbow Resort


In rainbow resort, you can play Indoor and outdoor games, pool, rain dance and secured rooms to stay

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    day outing
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About Rainbow Resort
Enjoy a memorable day with your love ones, away from city traffic into the arms of the tranquilizing nature. Swim together, chit chat and indulge in games… make the most of the day till the clock ticks the last hour. Spend your day in indoor games or outdoor like snooker, carom, chess etc. or just relax with your feet inside the pool. Sip the essence of nature while having your lunch and dinner here at the resort. Dance on the rhythm of the music and beats of the rain in the crazy rain dance. Cafes at the resorts, offer a selection of hot and cold coffee drinks making it an apt choice for tete-a-tete hang outs as well as business meets. Also, tailor-made Business comfort fully secured & sound proof Board Rooms furnish a relaxing business atmosphere.
About On Request Facilities
  1. Spider Web

    A human sized spider web? Sounds like so much fun. Crawl or climb, pull or push it, but experience the fun adventure of spider web climbing in your trip with us! All our packages have exciting twists of adventure activities and fun games – spider web activity being one of it.

  2. Climbing Wall

    Climbing a wall? Yes! When you are an adventure freak, you can really do anything risk taking and thrilling. Climbing wall is a fun adventure activity. Experience the keenness of climbing wall at the most incredible places under skilled supervision to have a impeccable voyage travel trip with your close ones. Make reminiscences to treasure for lifetime.

  3. Water Zorbing

    You can now bounce and feel like you are a pearl gently placed on the surface of water. Our water zorbing sport is adored by young adults the most because their flexible bodies enjoy drifting on water. However, no matter how young or old you are, try this activity as it excites most of the individuals.

  4. Burma Bridge

    The first thing that you should do is check what a Burma Bridge looks like. The bridges on our campsites have been designed for all the thrill seekers out there. Walk on a thick rope’s base as there are two huge ropes on the sides to help you balance yourself in the air.

  5. ATV

    ATV is nothing but All-Terrain Vehicle, which is meant for ‘heavy-duty.’ If you are a fan of adventure and adventurous cars, you surely know what an ATV is. With the help of our professional trainers, you can now use our ATVs to feel the adventure on the go. Hop On!

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rain dance is enough to spend full day in this resort