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This resort keeps all ages happy away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, yet not far off from the city making it easily accessible for a quick rejuvenating getaway. Indeed a perfect place for family celebration or wedding, corporate meeting, a loner, adventure program and what not!

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About Palm Exotica Resort
Palm Exotica Boutique Resort and Spa is an ecofriendly unique luxury stay on the highlands of Shankerpalli, Hyderabad. The resort is thoughtfully designed to provide solace and stress releasing therapy to its customers with its spectacular scenic views, lavish accommodation, recreational activities, adventures sports, spa and sauna while maintaining idyllic refuge of relaxation to create a perfect holiday with family or friends. I This place suits perfect in all occasions. Amidst the calm and serene environment and with a wide range of activities to choose from, it’s your pick to how you would like to pamper yourself.
About On Request Facilities
  1. Water Roller

    Crazy and fun activity is to roll down on water. We plan your trips in a fashion that involves interesting adventure activity and team games. Water roller is one of our favorite. Choose the package which appeals you the best, and let us help you water roll!

  2. Trampoline

    Does jumping feel you with enthusiasm and excitement? Try out trampoline experience at some unexplored adventure locations. The trips are planned in a way to explore the maximum fun and adventure with team building, family interactions, and yes, of course, Adventure Activities!

  3. Shooting

    Impress your loved ones or surprise yourself by learning how to shoot right on the target; you are properly guided before the gun is handed over to you. This guidance is for your own safety and for the safety of all those around you. Go ahead – try your aim!

  4. Archery

    If you have always been inspired by mythological stories and movies, feel the activity of archery. You can feel how the princes, princesses, kings and queens felt when they had to fight in the arena; you can also feel the activity of ‘cupid – the love angel with a bow and arrow.

  5. Zipline

    Have you ever tried flying? No – we are not fools to ask you this question, but if you miss experiencing zipline activity, which is one of the most adventurous activities on our campsites, then you would fool yourself all your life! Spread your arms and welcome air into your lungs as you travel from one corner to another!

  6. Cycling

    People crave to go on a mountain or a rocky area to get into the activity of cycling. If you want to experience cycling, which is full of adventure, visit our campsites and learn more about this heart-pumping activity. Don’t forget to wear your best cycling clothes if you want to be comfortable!

  7. Rock Climbing

    If your fingers are strong enough to handle your own body weight, rock climbing is the adventure meant for you. No doubt you need proper training for it, but our campsites have professional trainers to help you begin with this activity by conquering your fear of ‘falling down.’ Let’s rock!

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