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If you are exhausted with the monotonous lifestyle and looking for a getaway then Anandadhama resort is the perfect place to be in the heart of nature that provides not only a pleasing stay but also a recreational time out with your family and friends as well.

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About Anandadhama Resort
Located in the bank of the Kaveri River, the Anandadhama resort offers a picturesque landscape of rich culture, heritage and natural vegetation. One can roam around the lush green terrain and enjoy the crazy adventure activities like corade ride, archery, ditch jump and tarzan jump. Anandadhama resort has various recreational activities and fun games for everyone and the vacation spent here is worth every penny spent. Your trip begins with a walk in nature’s paradise, admiring the beautiful sunrise while crossing the herbal gardens and wide variety of flora, sipping the taste of nature from the produce of these gardens. One can now peacefully relax into the arms of the day spa or keep splashing water in the pool all day.
About On Request Facilities
  1. River Crossing

    Experienced being tied by the rope and swash to cross a river? Try out the crazy river crossing experience at best adventure places. Feel the zeal and enthusiasm with our packages of day outing, multi day trips and adventure travels in cool adventure zones.

  2. Team Building Games

    Team building is an essential part of a corporate team or a group. We have exclusive packages for corporates planned in a fashion which involves interactive sessions and team games which helps to build out leadership skills and team building techniques.

  3. Sailing

    Let the boat take you to different places as it swiftly sails on the surface of the water; let the breeze kiss your face and embrace your hair as it soothes your senses and helps you completely relax. Sailing is not just a water sport, but an awesome way to rejuvenate yourself.

  4. Beam Balance

    If you have never paid attention to the birds balancing themselves in the air, you are now going to experience the same and not just see it! Beam balance requires fantabulous balancing skills and hence our trainers first guide you before you enter into this activity.

  5. Archery

    If you have always been inspired by mythological stories and movies, feel the activity of archery. You can feel how the princes, princesses, kings and queens felt when they had to fight in the arena; you can also feel the activity of ‘cupid – the love angel with a bow and arrow.

  6. Cycling

    People crave to go on a mountain or a rocky area to get into the activity of cycling. If you want to experience cycling, which is full of adventure, visit our campsites and learn more about this heart-pumping activity. Don’t forget to wear your best cycling clothes if you want to be comfortable!

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an awesome place for recreation with family