Corporate outing to Araku


Send a quote to us if you are planning any corporate outing to araku valley. We have own campsite in araku where you can do camping, fun and adventure activities

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About Araku
Araku claims for the best adventure sports experiences for skiing, trekking, river rafting and other fun games. The place is full of adventure and thrill and serves a best place for team building and corporate outings. The nature camping includes bird watching, target shooting, camping and offers a perfect recreation out from the stressful work life.
About On Request Facilities
  1. Beam Balance

    If you have never paid attention to the birds balancing themselves in the air, you are now going to experience the same and not just see it! Beam balance requires fantabulous balancing skills and hence our trainers first guide you before you enter into this activity.

  2. Zig Zag

    Millions of people around the globe quench their thirst for adventure by playing computer games in which they have to hold the rope and run on zig zag paths. It is time for you to play the move in real life on our campsites. Learn the activity from our professionals and put your best foot forward.

  3. Horizontal Ladder

    Have you ever tried pulling yourself away from gravity? Do you know the feeling in your belly as you push yourself up on a ladder that’s designed to keep you detached from the floor? Hop on a horizontal ladder and get into the activity to enjoy an unusual sensation.

  4. Archery

    If you have always been inspired by mythological stories and movies, feel the activity of archery. You can feel how the princes, princesses, kings and queens felt when they had to fight in the arena; you can also feel the activity of ‘cupid – the love angel with a bow and arrow.

  5. Zipline

    Have you ever tried flying? No – we are not fools to ask you this question, but if you miss experiencing zipline activity, which is one of the most adventurous activities on our campsites, then you would fool yourself all your life! Spread your arms and welcome air into your lungs as you travel from one corner to another!

  6. Rappeling

    How about losing control knowing the fact that there’s something that’s holding you and protecting you as you spread your arms and move down from a huge mountain? Let the butterflies from your stomach come out and dance in front of your eyes as you get into the activity of rappelling on our campsites.

  7. Trekking

    Who doesn’t want to go on trekking? If you are interested in packing your bags and going off to a place that you have never explored before, it is time for you to search for various campsites on our website and visit the place captures your attention the most. Get an experience you would never forget your entire life.

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