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You can stay in the Pond Villas, the Earth Villas or the Manduva House, you will have an unforgettable experience. The thatched roofs overlooking the Godavari waters hide a bar, gym and swimming pool, besides banqueting and conferencing facilities.

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About Palavelli
Nestled on the banks of the Vashista, a tribute of the River Godavari at Yalamnachalli Lanka, the Palavelli Boutique Resorts reflects the rich culture and tradition of the Konaseema region in Andhra Pradesh. With different types of villas and suite rooms overlooking the sprawling lotus lake, the resort is set against a back drop of coconut plantations in the midst of nature.
About On Request Facilities
  1. Trampoline

    Does jumping feel you with enthusiasm and excitement? Try out trampoline experience at some unexplored adventure locations. The trips are planned in a way to explore the maximum fun and adventure with team building, family interactions, and yes, of course, Adventure Activities!

  2. Tree Climbing

    Wished for a tree house? Or ever looked at a tree with the intention to climb it up one day? In our adventure trips and packages, we involve crazy fun games and activities, which bring out the kid inside you! Tree climbing is a part of our day trips, multi day trips and camping experiences. Don’t wait! Just climb up !

  3. Water Zorbing

    You can now bounce and feel like you are a pearl gently placed on the surface of water. Our water zorbing sport is adored by young adults the most because their flexible bodies enjoy drifting on water. However, no matter how young or old you are, try this activity as it excites most of the individuals.

  4. Horizontal Ladder

    Have you ever tried pulling yourself away from gravity? Do you know the feeling in your belly as you push yourself up on a ladder that’s designed to keep you detached from the floor? Hop on a horizontal ladder and get into the activity to enjoy an unusual sensation.

  5. Burma Bridge

    The first thing that you should do is check what a Burma Bridge looks like. The bridges on our campsites have been designed for all the thrill seekers out there. Walk on a thick rope’s base as there are two huge ropes on the sides to help you balance yourself in the air.

  6. Sumo Fighting

    This is the best part about our campsites – even if you are underweight, you can wear sumo suits designed for adults and indulge into the sport of sumo fighting. Guess what? You are trained before the match so that you know what you do in the ring.

  7. Zipline

    Have you ever tried flying? No – we are not fools to ask you this question, but if you miss experiencing zipline activity, which is one of the most adventurous activities on our campsites, then you would fool yourself all your life! Spread your arms and welcome air into your lungs as you travel from one corner to another!

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