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Roopkund & Juragully top Trek

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Roopkund Trek

Roopkund Lake in the Chamoli District of Uttarnchal, is also known as the `Mystery Lake’, for it contains, still well preserved human and equine skeletal remains of over 300 people and animals, estimated to have perished in the lake over 500 years ago. Experts have put forward several theories to explain the findings at the Roopkund Lake but the mystery remains to be fully explained.

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Day 1 10 hrs Arrival at Haridwar in the morning & move to Wan. Overnight stay in hotel at Wan
Day 2 4 hour Trek from Wan to Gairolipatal village camp (2514 meters).
Day 3 5 hrs Garolipatal to Patharnachania (3950 meters).
Day 4 4-5 hrs Patharnachina camp to Bhaguwasa camp (4303 meters).
Day 5 8 hrs Bhaguwasa to Roop kund , Juraguly pass & back to Bhaguwasa
Day 6 5 hrs Bhaguwasa to Bedni Camp.
Day 7 4 hrs Bedni Bugyal camp to Wan.
Day 8 10 hrs Wan to Haridwar & dispersal.


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