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Panpatia Glacier Trekking Tour

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About Panpatia Glacier Trek

Between two of the most haloed pilgrimage sites in the Himalayas lies a land that nurtures a legend worthy of difficult discovery and extreme exploration. A tale that has drawn feted explorers of the like of Meade, Shipton, Tilman, Martin Moran, Harish Kaparia, and countless other intrepid souls. They were all drawn by the lore that a priest from Badrinath would trek to Kedarnath in a day. The explorations, which began as early 1934, have mostly come a cropper, with weather, terrain, and nerves beating each party back. The prize of the exploration is the crossing of Panpatia col, the pass that hides its approach within drifts of moraines, crevasses and massive ice falls but a route across does exist and we know that from the many reports submitted by the mountaineers, and the final successful crossing by a team from West Bengal.

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Day 1 8 hrs Arrival at Haridwar in the morning & move to Joshimath.Overnight stay in hotel at Joshimath.
Day 2 10hrs Drive to Badrinath (3133 meters) & then to Khirao Village. Overnight stay in tents.
Day 3 3-4 hrs Trek to Shepherd camp
Day 4 4-5 hrs Trek to Snout camp of Panpatia glacier. Gentle uphill walk
Day 5 5-6 hrs Trek to Moraine camp (4300 meters)
Day 6 8hrs Acclimatization day.
Day 7 3-4 hrs Trek to the base of Panpatia col
Day 8 6-7 hrs Trek to Panpatia Snow field-camp-I.
Day 9 5-6 hrs Trek to Panpatia Snow field-camp-II.
Day 10 4-5 hrs Cross Panpatia col & camp at Sujal Sarovar (4750 meters).
Day 11 5-6 hrs Trek to Kachni.
Day 12 4-5 hrs Trek to Madhamaheshwar.
Day 13 5-6 hrs Trek to Ransi & drive to okhimath, night stay in a hotel
Day 14 8hrs Drive to Haridwar.


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