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Mount Satopanth Expedition

Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand (75)
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About Mount Satopanth Expedition

Satopanth, which means a ‘Pathway to heaven’ symbolizes a literally challenging peak to climb up. It is known as a preparatory peak in India for those who dreamed of climing mt. Everest. This 7075m high Satopanth peak is placed in Gangotri glaciers of Garhwal Himalayan range. Because of its enough high altitude to acclimatize with technical difficulties to summit it is has been an ambitious yet to much popular peak among the daring mountaineers of the world.

Things we Provide

Three times meal- veg & non veg Neat & clean and good quality accommodation in Gangotri and Uttarkashi Well qualified veteran and certified HAP ( High altitude porters) All kind of quality equipments Pick and drop facility for team members Expeditions are permitted by Indian mountaineering foundation


Day 1 9.00 All team members arrive in Uttarkashi.
Day 2 9.00 Uttarkashi to Gangotri
Day 3 9.00 Stay at Gangorti for acclimatization.
Day 4 9.00 Gangotri to Bhojbasa (14 kms)
Day 5 9.00 Bhojbasa to Nandanvan (9 kms)
Day 6 9.00 Nandanvan to Vaukital (Base camp 4898m)
Day 7 9.00 Acclimatization at base camp
Day 8 9.00 Load ferry to Advance base camp.
Day 9 9.00 Shift Advance base camp.
Day 10 9.00 Acclimatize and rope fixing to camp-1, back to ABC.
Day 11 9.00 Load ferry to camp-1.
Day 12 9.00 Shift to camp-1.
Day 13 9.00 Acclimatize and load ferry to camp -2, back to camp-1.
Day 14 9.00 Load ferry to summit camp.
Day 15 9.00 Shift to summit camp.
Day 16 9.00 Summit attempt.
Day 17 9.00 Summit day reserved.
Day 18 9.00 Back to camp-2.
Day 19 9.00 Base camp.
Day 20 9.00 Base camp to Nandanvan .
Day 21 9.00 Nnandanvan to Bhojbasa
Day 22 9.00 Bhojbasa to Gngotri
Day 23 9.00 Gangotri to Uttarkashi,
Day 24 9.00 Departure.


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