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Hampta pass trek - Manali to Manali

Hampta pass trek, Himachal Pradesh (75)
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About Hampta pass trek

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most toured states in India. The state has beautiful pristine snow clad mountains which are a major source of tourist attraction. With more than 200 defined trekking trails some of the famous trekking spots of Himachal Mountains are; Hampta Pass trek, Dhaulandhar (Triund Glacier)trek, Parvati valley trek, Bhabha pass trek, Sari Pass trek, Beas Kund trek, trek to Chamba and Pin Parvati, Kakeri lake trek etc.

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Day 1 Manali Manali to Chika via Jobra
Day 2 Chika Chika to Balu ka Gera
Day 3 Balu-Ka Balu-Ka-Gera to Shea Goru crossing Hampta Pass
Day 4 SiaGoru SiaGoru to Chatru
Day 5 Chatru Chatru to Manali By taxi in the morning


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