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Cycling In Ghati Ghats

Ghati Ghats, Karnataka (75)
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About Cycling In Ghati Ghats

Bangalore city is known for cycling trails out of which one of the most famous one is cycling in the Ghati Ghats. The cycling trail is leisurely in the laps of nature and winding beauty of the surrounding. The cycling trail for Ghati Ghats reside outside the city premises making it an apt getaway. Pedal to the beauty of the nature, exploring the zeniths and discovering yourself. One can witness serene landscapes of nature, untouched by man where one can reconnect to the nature while cycling in those terrains. Cycling in Ghati Ghats is refreshing and good for healthy lifestyle. People breathe fresh air in the arms of nature and purify the inner soul providing solace and tranquility. One can rekindle the spirit of cycling as one past through the vast natural terrains of Ghati forest range. One can click pictures and capture the beautiful landscapes of the Ghats. Enjoy the cool gentle breeze of the morning as you pedal through beautifully etched landscapes.

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Day 1 12:30 PM Cycling
Day 1 2:00 pm Local Sightseeing


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