In the end,
we only regret the chances we didn't take.



How long are you going to sit on that pretty backside of yours? Before you know it, there'll be aches and pains. Eloquently, we like to call that phase 'too late'. The point we're making here is that the outdoors are waiting, that nature wants you, that adventure is calling out.

And there's no better place than right here to decide your answer. From sending a chill down your spine, to raising the hair on the back of your neck, to helping you discover who you really are, Freakouts is here to make your life one helluva ride. Join in, if you're up for it.

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this is us.
Freakouts was never meant to be taken this seriously. Back in 2005 when we started off, it was for ourselves more than for everyone else. We were a group of people who loved adventure, right down, to the taste of the word even. Once we really began, we realized that something this rich shouldn't be restricted...
white water rafting
White Water Rafting
zip line
zip line
rock climbing
rock climbing
Hand gliding
hand gliding
pole walking
pole walking
cave exploration
cave exploration


Youth, undoubtedly is the best part of our lives. At Freakouts, we've got special stuff for the young 'uns. Adventure mixed with leadership training, where kids can conquer fear along with developing their personalities, while they get immersed in the wonders of the outdoors. A whole lot of trainers and specialized modules have over the years turned these programmes into much talked about and relished activities.


corporate zone

This is adventure on the line. Just called to tell you that the particular powerpoint template yu're looking at, is going nowhere. Nor are the numbers on that excel sheet. For all our friends sitting on leather (or other) chairs behind desktops (and laptops) we've got special programmes for you'll. Maybe you can finally get close to that pretty intern. Or show your boss who's really the boss. Zorbing, Water Walking, Rope Challenges, Rock Climbing and lots more, at your service. Coffee-machine gossip strictly not allowed. Cos' the outdoors just told us so.

stressing on safety    
At freakouts, safety is where it all begins. If our testing shows even a 0.000001% chance of any kind of problem, we ensure we don't carry on with the particular process/ equipment/ activity/ whatever it may be. Every member of our team has the perfect mix of knowledge and experience so as to arrest any untoward incident before it even pops up.


A truly amazing experience of white water rafting in the Ganges. We headed almost 11 kms starting from Hanukanth to Rishikesh. Will do it again.

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